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Kim Dotcom may be polarizing, but he is certainly the most dazzling figure the German internet scene has produced. Now he wants to use Web3 to distribute advertising money directly to his community. He wants to rain money on them through his new start-up Cashrain – with the help of new Web3 mechanisms and Bitcoin Cash as the key currency.

By Krischan Lehmann

“You look at your account – and maybe a few dollars come in every day. If you are in a generous community or in the top 1000 of all users, you can easily earn $1000 per day. And you don’t have to do anything for it. All you have to do is be an active member of the community and that’s it,” Kim Dotcom told her followers.

It’s Friday night, just after 9 p.m. Kim Dotcom invited himself to a ‘Twitter Space’, a spontaneous voice chat, to test his new start-up Cashrain in a small circle. Nearly 700 people followed his call – also because the two-meter man, known for his spectacular digital machinations, announced the first rain of money at the same time.

The Cashrain principle – the website is currently still subject to a password request – is impressively simple: you authenticate yourself on the site via a verified social network account, for example from Discord, and can then join sub-communities with different topics. Then it’s about increasing your own chances for the money rain, i.e. the “airdrop” with the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. You can do this by connecting your own social media channels to your Cashrain account – then becoming active when prompted by liking, sharing and commenting on the given content.

Later, the Cashrain money will come from advertisers who use the platform for promotional purposes. To demonstrate the mechanics, one of the things to do tonight is to retweet a typical Kim dotcom tweet, which is once again dedicated to his nemesis, the US government. For more than ten years, they have tried in vain to have Kim Dotcom extradited from her adopted homeland, New Zealand, because of her activities on the Megaupload sharing host.

Cashrain suits Kim Dotcom – and just might be disruptive

In the meantime, the Kiel native has completely settled into his role as a wanderer between worlds, between a sleazy entrepreneur and a very witty mastermind, between an eternal underdog and a powerful social media influencer. On Twitter alone, Dotcom has over a million followers – who, thanks to the mechanics of Web3, can now truly rule as “King Kimble the First, Ruler of the Kimpire”, as he was once called. years ago.

Cashrain fits Kim Dotcom like a glove: from the pointed name to the condescending image the project bestows on its founder, to the business model that – if it develops a similar impact to Megaupload – certainly has disruptive potential.

“What impresses me about the concept is its viral nature,” comments user Adrians in voice chat. “I think it might turn out cheaper than traditional advertising. And if it does, it’s likely to grow in popularity.”

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“That’s the point,” agrees Kim Dotcom. “That’s what we’re aiming for. These communities can be used by businesses. They can say, Hey, we’re Nike, Adidas or anybody else and we want our community to be more actively involved in our business. And then they use Cashrain to reach all of their users.

Cashrain’s goal is to build many different communities, but then use the combined power of all communities to promote exciting new things and really reach a lot of people.
Kim dot com

“Suppose you are an advertiser who wants to launch a new product and reach the masses quickly. Then you can work with us and we’ll rain ‘special rain’ on all of our communities. I expect the total volume of the community to be several hundred million people. This gives advertisers a chance to generously reach the masses and promote an event or their new social message.

With that, Dotcom bid farewell to the cat: “I think it’s time for another man to break the money! I’m in the mood to give money right now.” Shortly after, he reports completion: “So, we have an active cashrain jackpot winner who received $50. And four other users received $5 each. Imagine you wake up at some point and get 5,000 notifications that you received money. It’s crazy!

If the dot-com calculations work, Cashrain could well compete with the advertising-focused social media platforms of Web 2.0. At first glance, the project’s approach of simply distributing advertising money directly to particularly engaged users seems at least to be the more honest model…

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