Top 5 metaverse coins: these coins could take off in 2023 –

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Metaverse continues to be the big buzzword in the crypto industry: investors see the Metaverse as a future market that is still in its infancy, but will continue to grow strongly in the years to come. Investors, on the other hand, are excited to make money just by playing through P2E features and are excited about the possibilities that VR worlds will bring in the future.

This is why the market for Metaverse projects is exploding: there are games based solely on an online world and co-created by players. Players can implement their own ideas in the form of artwork and merchandise and then sell them. In addition, the question of how to integrate VR elements into a metaverse plays an increasingly important role. And of course, many projects continue to rely on the Play-2-Earn concept.



Among the large number of new and old projects, it is difficult to track and assess which projects might prevail in the long term. Therefore, presents 5 exciting metaverse projects that could take off in 2023.

Calvary (RIA)

Calvaria Prognosis

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new Play-2-Earn game with tokens available for pre-order now. The game is designed as an NFT deck game where players compete with different cards.

The game world itself is behind the veil of death: in an afterlife influenced by Mexican mythology, three factions try to gain the upper hand. Santa Muerte, Quetzalcoatl, and The Void already rule over a certain world within Calvaria. Now they want to conquer the rest of the world with the help of players.

For this, players can build an individual deck of cards in which they buy new cards or exchange them. This allows them to develop and test their own strategy. For the game itself, you have the choice between a player versus player mode and a single player mode.

While the group of traditional gamers is large, most of them show no interest in blockchain games. Calvaria would like to change that: Calvaria would like to first spark interest with a free-2-play version of the game, and then repeatedly explain the benefits of blockchain games.

The presale of the project takes place in 10 phases – therefore the price of tokens is constantly increasing. Calvaria is currently in Phase 4, which is 84% ​​complete.

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RobotEra (TARO)

This new crypto project aims to compete with The Sandbox. As the name suggests, RobotEra takes place in a world ruled by robots. When players enter this metaverse, they themselves are transformed into a robot.

The idea behind the game is simple and convincing: the planet Taro has been destroyed by the war between robots and humans. Now we have to rebuild it. Players first choose one of the seven continents as their home and then begin building the new infrastructure.

To do this, they must travel from continent to continent and collect or mine resources. They can create their own robotic companions, build houses and become creative artists in the fields of art and music.

The RobotEra sale started last week and has already raised $92,330. It is still in the first phase of three and is available at a unit price of $0.02.

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Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is the Metaverse project that won over all investors this summer, raising an impressive $19 million in presales in 55 days!

Although Tamadoge at first glance looks like another meme piece, the project doesn’t stop there: Tamadoge also includes a play-to-win game in which players care for, train and compete with their very own Tamadoge dog. .

Tamadoge NFT These dogs are designed as NFTs, so they have different traits and stats. At the moment, these can already be purchased on Opensea: NFTs are divided into Ultra-Rare, Rare and Common rarity levels.

If Tamadoge wants to start with P2E gaming, then the developers will create their own metaverse – the Tamaverse. In this, it is possible via AR/VR to meet your own Tamadoge pet interactively.

Interested investors can buy TAMA tokens through the OKX crypto exchange and thus invest in an explosive new project.

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Decentralized (MANA)

Decentralized real estate

Next to The Sandbox, Decentraland is the largest existing metaverse. The developers have built a virtual reality ecosystem where players can move around, meet, shop or attend events.

To enter the world of Decentraland, players need their own avatar. With this, you can move into the digital world. They use the associated token, MANA, to buy and sell in-game items.

There are NFT-based terrains on which buildings can then be built, but also clothing for the avatar or artwork for your own home. These elements are designed and implemented by the users named Creator themselves, among others.

Many artists, celebrities and big companies already rely on Decentraland and its adaptation to the general public. This is how virtual events, concerts, shopping malls and advertising in the virtual space suddenly become tangible.

Decentraland is managed by a DAO, so users can help shape the development of the platform.

The price of MANA today is $0.448 per token. Despite being miles away from its all-time high of over $5, this token is also suffering from the current crypto winter and investor pullback from the riskier tech space. However, if the world of Decentraland can continue to grow and attract even more big companies in the future, the price of this token will surely rise again.

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Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity website

Axie Infinity is THE game that coined the term Play-2-Earn in 2021 – as such it shouldn’t be missing from this list!

In this game, players collect and breed cute little monsters called axies. As usual with Play-2-Earn, they then face off in duels. This allows players to qualify for payouts, which they can then redeem for FIAT cash, for example. Players can either breed new Axies themselves or earn them by participating in Duels, expanding their team.

Axie Infinity hit the headlines last year with its big hit: At peak times, the AXS token could reach a value of US$160!

axie infinite monster However, this was followed by a sudden downfall: First, Axie Infinity’s business model was criticized. In particular, the concept of team building, in which players from the North rented their Axies to Thai and Filipino players at high prices, was a topic of conversation. To make matters worse, Axie Infinity was then the victim of a hack: In total, 625 million dollars were stolen.

As a result, the price of AXS also crashed in value: at $6.50, it is more than 90% below its all-time high. While the team is pushing for a new version of a newer version of the game, it remains debatable if Axie Infinity will ever return to previous highs.

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Last updated on November 16, 2022

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