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This could have been by far the biggest POAP event since the blockchain’s inception: with proof-of-presence NFTs, an initiative from Hamburg drew hundreds of visitors to the port’s birthday in the crypto world.

Last weekend, the 833rd anniversary of the port offered a very special program element: visitors could take part in a treasure hunt with QR code to find colored fish heads along the Elbe and thus obtain NFTs on the POAP (Proof-of-Attandance-Protocol) blockchain as well as Secure exclusive access to merchandising.

Floating on NFT hunting

So if you left for the port anniversary on Friday afternoon, you may have done it with some tricks or without knowing it, but in capricious weather with long showers. So we swam more than we walked along the Elbe and found at least two fish heads in the crowd that had gathered here despite the weather. Although we could only retrieve one token with the Android phone, Bismarck was just a herring.

POAP NFT screenshot preview Fischkopp NFT Erna Elbe Tunnel screenshot detail

“Weather and lousy internet gave us a nice spit. But we tried to make the most of it and learned a lot“

, says Katsche Platz, spokesperson for the Moinweb3 initiative and initiator of the NFT treasure hunt. One of the lessons learned: “The communicative contact with the participants is complex. We have extended the campaign until Sunday, but we have solved it technically a little differently. QR codes remained suspended and you could enter your email address or wallet ID to get an airdrop at the end of the day.“

Last weekend, hundreds of people were introduced to blockchain for the first time, and Platz summarizes, “Not at the next tech conference, but at a real folk festival. A total success for us. First of all.”

What are POAPs?

These NFTs are created especially for an event and offered to enthusiastic attendees. In the associated web application, you can collect them, display them in the browser or transfer them to another wallet and sell them.

POAPs are digital memories, so to speak, but they can also be equipped with utilities – then they can serve, for example, as a key to a store or a ticket to another event. A very nice tool for brands, both for direct communication and for customer loyalty afterwards.

If you want to know more about NFT shopping events and experiences, you shouldn’t miss PAGE 12.22. There we present other interesting cases and the target group in more detail.

All you needed for the NFT treasure hunt was a smartphone with a camera, an email address, and some clues. They were on the new website and in the MoinWeb3 social media channels. By the way, the logo and token design are from Mutabor.

This article was first published on September 14, 2022.

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