The directory of fashion associations with more than 100 clothing associations and NGOs

A significant portion of the global fashion industry is controlled by large organizational entities which enhance fashion’s impact on the global economy. The associations connect the different areas of the fashion industry, from production level to creative management. They thus become the ambassadors of the textile and clothing sector. Some focus on promoting the latest fashion designs and textiles around the world by organizing trade fairs and fashion shows. Other associations deal with cross-cutting issues that affect economic policy and seek sustainable and innovative solutions for industry.

As an international B2B platform, FashionUnited manages the Fashion Federations Directory, a database of clothing associations and trade organizations around the world. The directory includes more than 100 organizations ranging from commercial organizations to non-profit organizations. For each of the associations listed, fashion professionals will find a profile page with their mission and vision and other relevant information. Through the Association Directory, professionals have the opportunity to connect with associations that share their values ​​and goals, whether it’s business initiatives, metaverse or fashion activism.

The directory includes various networks in footwear, accessories, sustainability and digital fashion, among others. Some of the platforms are big associations like AAFA, IAF and EURATEX, while others focus on sustainable or digital fashion like Metaverse Fashion Council, Fashion Revolution or Global Fashion Agenda. Thus, fashion professionals can easily connect to the organizations that interest them and find the most important information in one place!

FashionUnited connects over a million fashion professionals every month, bringing greater efficiency and transparency to the industry. The Fashion Federations Directory invites other stakeholders to actively participate in a network that drives change and accelerates the sustainable growth of the global fashion industry. The directory strengthens and expands the global B2B network that FashionUnited has built over the past 20 years. It also creates a unique platform that brings together fashion professionals, knowledge and resources in one place.

Learn more about the fashion federation directory here.

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