The best Metaverse coins to invest in before 2023

The crypto market crash and the rise of new GameFi spaces present a unique investment opportunity for 2023 and beyond. With GameFi and Play2Earn being the future of online gambling and growing like never before, finding the best Metaverse coins to invest in is becoming a goal for many investors. With 3 out of 4 investors investing in cryptocurrencies due to GameFi opportunities, the chance to jump into the future of the Metaverse is right now.

The future of GameFi

GameFi, a combination of the words “gambling” and “finance,” is taking the online gaming world by storm, providing unique investment opportunities at a time when some of the best crypto coins are being heavily discounted. GameFi offers users the opportunity to earn coins that can be exchanged for fiat money, essentially allowing users to earn money to play games. While there are a variety of Metaverse games with different earning potential, all of them can become a fantastic investment opportunity, especially the newer ones that avoided the crypto crash of 2022. These coins should only see gains at as they gain popularity without the weight of their value crushed behind them.

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Some of the best Metaverse coins to invest in right now

Some of these coins on the top coins list have been around for a while, others are newcomers, but all should see steady gains in the near future. The popularity of the Metaverse, and Gamefi in particular, will give these coins a boost in 2023 and beyond.

Some of the best cryptocurrencies are:

  1. Metacade (MCADE) – Community Run GameFi Hub
  2. Quint (QUINT) – NFT Marketplace Store
  3. Decentraland (MANA) – Virtual world builder
  4. MetaHero (HERO) – Real Asset Scanner
  5. NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Open world inspired by Minecraft
  6. Illuvium (ILV) – Open world creature collecting game
  7. Wizardia (WZFD) – Fantasy magic role-playing game

1. Metacade (MCADE) – Community Driven GameFi Hub

Metacade, which has just started its presale, is one of the newest and most exciting Metaverse coins to invest in in 2023. A fully decentralized GameFi hub, Metacade is the virtual arcade where users have the power to shape the future of gaming. Gamers and gaming enthusiasts determine which games become the most popular and which game developers receive grants to bring their ideas to life. With a variety of earning opportunities, like posting top games, writing reviews, and participating in the latest gaming tournaments, Metacade will be the only place to immerse yourself in all things GameFi – and with complete control.

Users can communicate, debate and vote in real time on which game developers should receive grants for their games and what changes to games in the Metacade universe. With the ability to earn money, the majority of revenue will go to the players themselves and the developers they choose, creating a place where it’s not the companies that make the money, it’s the people. .

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2. Quint (QUINT) – NFT Shop Market

Quint is a different Metaverse project, which seeks to connect the Metaverse and the real world in a unique way. While Quint is superficially similar to many of the other best Metaverse coins available, with the ability to buy and sell, bet, and earn rewards on an NFT marketplace, it also ventures into uncharted territory when it comes to is about the best crypto coins.

Quint also wants to merge the real world and the Metaverse in new ways by offering super staking pools (staking is earning crypto by locking up funds) where users can earn real rewards like hotel stays and restaurant discounts. To solidify the connection between the metaverse and real life, Quint will also create a marketplace store that will allow users to print, frame, and ship NFTs so people have a physical representation of their NFTs. This ambitious project builds on the popularity of physical NFTs, which remains to be proven.

3. Decentraland (MANA) – builders of virtual worlds

One of the world’s first metaverse builders, Decentraland has seen faltering popularity since its release, with the crypto crash hitting it particularly hard. Still, its customizable storylines are one of the mainstays of the Metaverse and will continue to have a place among the best pieces of the Metaverse for years to come.

Decentraland is an open world builder that allows users to purchase digital bundles. You can then develop these lands as you wish, whether it’s creating games, markets or rooms to rent for other players. When you think of the Metaverse, you probably think of a space like Decrentaland, where digital creations and land belong to the user and you can find whatever you’re looking for or build it yourself. However, as the crypto crash has shown, when the market is weak, virtual lots can become too high if not adjusted quickly enough.

4. MetaHero (HERO) – Real World Asset Scanner

MetaHero is another unique addition to the world of best Metaverse coins. He wants to change the look of the metaverse and make it closer than ever to the real world. Currently, metaverse avatars and creations are computer-generated digital objects, which means they look different from things in the real world. MetaHero is trying to change that.

Rather than digital creations, MetaHero will create the world’s largest and most realistic library of Metaverse assets by scanning real-world objects and people into the Metaverse. This means that instead of an avatar that you create, you will have one that looks exactly like you. Instead of a digitally created object, you have an object that is an exact replica of a real object. In this way, MetaHero wants to give developers the ability to create as realistic a metaverse as possible. While it’s clear that some users prefer digital creations, this capability makes MetaHero one of the most intriguing and best coins for 2023 and beyond.

5. NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Open world inspired by Minecraft

Inspired by the popularity of Minecraft’s vast open worlds, NFT Worlds attempts to combine Minecraft’s virtual world building with metaverse and gameplay capabilities. By using open source Minecraft codes, players can enjoy a familiar game experience, controls, and mechanics. Although it is not affiliated with Minecraft, it will enable cross-platform compatibility, meaning anyone with a Minecraft account will also be able to access NFT Worlds.

With a variety of different “worlds”, users can choose from a variety of maps to explore, create, and interact with other users. You can create games or marketplaces where in-game goods can be exchanged for real value. As with Decentraland, NFT Worlds users can buy their bundle and expand it however they want – all with the familiar feel of one of the most popular video games of all time.

6. Illuvium (ILV) – Open World Creature Collector Game

In this Pokémon-like game, players explore a virtual world to discover digital creatures called Illuvials. There are over 100 Illuvials in total, each with specific classes, traits, strengths and weaknesses, making each player’s journey through the Illuvium universe a unique affair. The Illuvium Market allows players to trade their Illuvials, as well as in-game values ​​such as custom skins and other collectibles.

Illuvium is known for its beautiful and dynamic landscapes, and its initial coin offering raised more than half of the $10 million total, meaning users don’t have to worry about inflation. affecting the value of their reduced ILV tokens. With its growing popularity, Illuvium is one of the best Metaverse coins to invest in before 2023.

7. Wizardia (WZFD) – Fantasy Magic RPG

The final item on our list of the best Metaverse coins to invest in is Wizardia, a magical fantasy RPG known for its captivating visual style. In Wizardia, players create their own unique characters, level up, and upgrade their gear to become the ultimate wizard. The game not only features a beautiful visual style, but also challenging PvP and PvE battles in which players must use both strategy and strength to climb the rankings of the best wizards in the game and earn WZRD tokens.

WZRD tokens have been hit by the crypto crash, but not as much as some of the other top coins in the Metaverse, underscoring the popularity of the game. have a new push in 2023.

What 2023 Holds for the Best Metaverse Coins

With the crypto market rebounding from 2022 and new Metaverse projects like Metacade, the opportunity to invest in the best crypto coins is just beginning.While established games like Decentraland continue to make the list of the top coins, these are newcomers who should see steady increases as users are not faced with higher prices than the current crypto market and the negatives of a coin well below its peak.

This makes Metacade one of the best Metaverse coins to invest in ahead of 2023, as the opportunity to get in early is now. In 2023, Metacade, like some of the other top crypto coins, is only expected to increase in value and popularity. The fact that the crypto crash has been averted means Metacade’s price is only expected to rise in 2023 and beyond, making it the perfect investment opportunity to get in before prices climb too high. .
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