S&P 500 meta-platforms (ex Facebook) in high demand on Friday afternoon

Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) stock rose 5.7% to 115.26 euros during the XETRA session at 4:22 a.m. The highest value of the day was marked by the action Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) at 115.60 EUR. The share certificate opened at EUR 108.74. So far, 37,007 shares of Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) stock have been traded during the day.

The share certificate climbed to EUR 312.00 on December 28, 2021, marking a 52-week high. The current Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) stock price is 63.06% below the 52-week high. On November 4, 2022, the share certificate fell to EUR 89.27 and thus fell to a 52-week low. To fall to the 52-week low, shares of Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) would need to drop 29.11%.

Analysts give an average price target of 174.89 USD per Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) share.

On October 26, 2022, Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) presented quarterly figures for the last quarter – closing date September 30, 2022 – at the financial conference. In terms of EPS, $1.64 per share was reported. Last year, Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) earned $3.22 per share. On the revenue side, Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) posted $27,714.00 in the last quarter. This means a drop in sales of 4.47% compared to the result of the previous year. At that time, Meta Platforms (ex Facebook) had a turnover of 29,010.00 USD.

Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) is expected to present key figures for the fourth quarter of 2022 on February 1, 2023.

Analysts forecast EPS for 2022 to be $9.10 per share.

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