OKX Lists Metaverse Mars Token Project

OKX, the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume, has listed Mars Token (MRST) – the native token of the Mars Metaverse.

Initially, OKX will support two trading pairs – MRST/USDT and MRST/USDC.

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What is the Mars Metaverse (MRST)?

The Mars Metaverse is a gaming platform developed by Mars Labs that focuses on the planet Mars.

Within this virtual world is a “Mars Colony,” a world where players can enjoy real estate, sports, and community interaction, among other things, while earning rewards paid with the native MRST token.

A “colony” is a one-kilometer area in the virtual world of the Mars metaverse that users can own and expand by building homes or trading areas. Users can also rent a “colony” through a blockchain-based smart contract, allowing them to participate and contribute to the Mars Metaverse and earn rewards in the native MRST.

According to the Mars Labs team, any user of the Mars Metaverse ecosystem can earn MRST through the platform’s Play and Earn (PAE) system.

Other user benefits of MRST include support for trading pairs of Mars tokens and using them throughout the Mars metaverse to purchase buildings in Colony or in-game items.

Mars Metaverse Products

The Mars Metaverse project was launched in April 2021 and has seen massive growth since then. In the last 12 months, the Mars Labs team launched the mining application MRST (in December 2021) and in 2022 the gaming platform presented important NFT projects.

There is the NFT Market &; Launchpad ‘brizzi’, CryptoPunks inspired by ‘The Martians NFT’ built on Polygon and available on OpenSea and the ‘MRST Mining Pet’ NFT.

The Mars Metaverse will also support third-party game developers or independent developers who can create and publish their own games using The Mars Game Creator software.

According to the Mars Labs team, the gaming platform is expected to launch in 2023. The AAA project would include blockchain-based games, e-commerce, and virtual stores. The ecosystem will also include Social Networking Service (SNS) and Social Networking Game (SNG).

Learn more about Mars Metaverse in the whitepaper or on the company’s website.

OKX announces $20,000 MRST raffle

In addition to supporting MRST spot trading, OKX has listed the Mars token on its DEX platform and launched a trading lottery where winners can receive up to $20,000 worth of MRST.

$18,000 worth of MRST will be split among the top 20 DEX traders over the next 10 days, with $1,800 worth of Mars tokens distributed daily. OKX, a well-respected exchange, will also give away $2,000 worth of MRSTs to 20 lucky users who trade 10 or more MRSTs using the OKX Web3 wallet.

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