Miss Germany Studios and Woodblock launch female-focused virtual influencer program with Xbox, Miss Germany Studios GmbH & Co. KG, press release

Miss Germany Studios and Woodblock have teamed up to launch Project V. “Project V” serves as the working title for a program that aims to become the premier forge of virtual influencers and build communities around digital personas.

The initial focus is on creating digital female avatars, starting with a digital version of popular Twitch host Jil Andert.

In regular live streams on the Miss Germany Twitch channel, Jil has already revealed details about the upcoming “Project V” and invited the community to join her on her journey to create her own avatar. The streams have already been viewed over 650,000 times, with Jil live for 22 hours.

The Miss Germany final on March 4, 2023 will be the scene of the unveiling of the avatar and the official name of the program. The official program will begin in April 2023 and avatar “Virtual Jil” will be the virtual host of all the content of the show on the various digital channels.

“Project V” is intended to serve as a bridge between the real and virtual worlds and to bring the Metaverse closer to the general public. The plan is to build an ecosystem around each virtual heroine and constantly engage the community through various engagement tools. The ultimate goal is to build entertainment franchises around digital personas.

All early partners are Xbox on board and sponsoring Virtual Jil’s development phase, while Twitch is supporting the project as a media partner.

Jil Andert, Communications and Media Manager at Miss Germany Studios:

“I’m very proud to have created our first avatar, laying the groundwork for bringing the metaverse into the mainstream. We believe that innovation shouldn’t just be celebrated by experts on stage in front of a niche audience. Innovation must be practical and applicable so that many people can benefit from it. With Project V, we want to make the Metaverse accessible to everyone.”

Max Klemmer, Managing Director of Miss Germany Studios:

“We bring female empowerment to the metaverse. We believe representation matters – and not just in front of the screens, but also behind the scenes. To create diverse and inclusive Metaverse apps and digital avatars, we need a diverse group of people who can contribute new ideas, create new worlds, and set new rules. With the metaverse, we have the opportunity to envision and build a more equal society.”

Kai Fischer, Commercial Director at Woodblock:

“There is an unfilled niche in the avatar segment: the development of female digital superheroes with the ultimate goal of creating intellectual property in the entertainment industry. No other avatar design company has this primary goal. We see insane opportunities here, especially in terms of not only creating top-notch avatars, but also creating a strong community and reach around them. In this way, we are creating a ramp for future direct-to-consumer offerings around these digital personas.

Miss Germany Studios:
Founded in 1927, Miss Germany has grown from a beauty pageant to a prize for women who take responsibility in 2019. Since July 1, 2022, the family business has been run by Max Klemmer (26), the third generation .


Block of wood:
Woodblock is Germany’s leading animation studio with headquarters in Berlin and offices in Ludwigsburg, Munich, Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Woodblock is a global brand. Built by artists and driven by creativity.



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