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Value investors say The heavily underrated meta-platforms and at current prices perfect purchase as an investment in the metaverse is. Of course, at first glance, META stock looks very cheap.

After the actions of the tech giant, parent company of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had fallen by more than 70% in the past year, they will only go with that Trade at 9 times profit. It’s a extremely low valuation for technological value and several times lower than that of the S&P 500, which has a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 19.8.

But before investors follow the value crowd’s lead and snag META as a Metaverse investment, they should consider that there’s a good reason Wall Street has devalued the stock so much.

Metaverse stock disappoints in 2022


Meta Platforms isn’t the only big tech stock to drop in the past 12 months. Macroeconomic factors have dragged mega-cap tech stocks down significantly since November 2021.

Compared to its competitors, however, the META share saw the biggest price drop.. Like similar names, stocks have been hurt by rising interest rates. Rising interest rates led to a major drop in mega-cap tech stocks. The stock was also hit by growing recession fears.

The recent economic downturn has already had an impact impacted Meta’s ad-dependent revenue model. In the last quarter he went Sales down 4% over one year. The decline in demand for digital advertising could worsen in the event of a recession in 2023. Alongside these challenges, there is another daunting one Uncertainty about this Metaverse stock.

And it’s Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s desire to always have more money. investing in an unsuccessful metaverse. In addition to changing the company name from Facebook Inc. to Meta Platforms, Zuckerberg continues to increase the Metaverse-related business growth spending.

It plays a big role in Meta profits down nearly 50% played the last quarter. A further increase in Metaverse spending is expected to weigh on both operating performance and stock prices.

Why meta is not a good investment in the metaverse

The Metaverse

META stocks are cheap for a reason. Assuming the unsuccessful Metaverse edits of the company, it is misleading to say that this stock only trades at a single-digit earnings multiple.

Over the next few quarters, the the economic downturn continues to impact Meta sales. Combined with increased operating costs through the Facebook metaverse, there is a good chance that earnings per share (or EPS) will fall in 2023.

The average forecast for Metas 2023 EPS is currently $7.72. The lower estimate is for earnings per share of $4.96, which may indicate that META shares are currently trading at fair value.

For this reason, investors who want a want to hold a position in a Metaverse company, Stay away from the meta and look for alternatives instead.

The Best Alternatives to Meta Actions

It’s no longer news that cryptocurrencies have been on the rise over the past few years was one of the best investments. Despite the great risk that comes with their volatility, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a proven to be a viable investment option.

Cryptocurrencies, metaverse coins and blockchain are closely related to the Metaverse theme. For this reason, investors wishing to invest in the Metaverse should take a close look at the following cryptocurrencies.


Calvary Presale

This Calvaria Metaverse NFT Game is one of the newest play to win card games, take the crypto market by storm. The pre-sale of Calvaria tokens (RIA) is progressing rapidly, proving that Calvaria is a truly promising investment.

In a few days, Calvaria harvested in its presale over $1.5 million and attracted the attention of many investors. Calvaria presale is still ongoing, allowing investors to get in early embark on an exciting Metaverse project.

Calvary makes possible Players can compete against other players online to earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of trading cards. These cards can be bought, traded and sold in-game to earn the in-game currency called $RIA. This currency can be exchanged for real money at any time, so that players have the possibility earn money by playing Calvaria. Additionally, in-game players can purchase $eRIA, which is used to upgrade maps and purchase in-game resources.

?Calvaria: Duels of Eternity? was from one Developed by a team of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts in collaboration with experienced game developers and programmers. This unique game is entwined with Metaverse and cryptocurrency systems, allowing players can enjoy their game in real life.

Now for Calvaria Early Sale


Tamadoge NFT

Tamadoge is also a Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse game. In Tamadoge, players can breed and care for pets, and compete with them against other players. The Tamadoge metaverse is called “Tamaverse” and is represented by the internal TAMA token leads.

From Tamadoge presale raised $19 million in less than eight weeks what an incredible achievement. The Tama store sells Animals Tamadoge ? which have unique stats, strengths, and weaknesses and are called NFTs. Players can get TAMA Tokens by playing Tamadoge and battling other players. Earned TAMA Crypto can be used to purchase pet care and feeding items from the Tama store or sell them for real money.

Tamadoge developers announced earlier this week that they have a Launch of the common NFT collection. OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the world and game developers have confirmed that it will host the collection. Players can interact with the 20,000 NFTs in this collection in the Tamaverse.

infinity battle

Battle Infinity is one of the most innovative Metaverse projects in the field of blockchain. Not only does the project offer a lot of game features to win, but also decentralized financial functions. This is how it starts decentralized exchange battle exchange on November 16, which should boost the tokenomics IBAT.

the Blockchain gaming platform Battle Infinity continued to attract a lot of attention. The gaming platform allows players to non-fungible tokens (NFT) to buy, representing real athletes. Players can use NFTs to create teams and compete against other players.

Battle Infinity game lets players compete for points. The team earns points based on the performance of the players within the team in the real world. NFTs held by a player earn points based on how a player’s performance changes. At the end of a season, the team with the most points wins and receives rewards in the IBAT, the Metaverse token native to the Battle Infinity platform.

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