Master Sha is back with a new NFT collection titled The Greatest Love

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Master Sha is back after the success of the first NFT drop with a new and surprising collection called The Greatest Love aka Da Ai

The legendary world-renowned healer, best-selling author and transformative artist – Dr. & Master Sha previously released the Transformative Art NFT Collection, which sold out within a month and became one of the best NFTs on OpenSea.



The new collection is called “The Greatest Love”. It features original Tao calligraphy that carries a tremendous healing frequency of unconditional love.

Grand Master Tao is highly respected and is the last in the line of revered grand masters of Tao calligraphy. The NFT Collection seeks to promote and preserve ancient tradition and provide owners with transformative healing experiences.

who is Doctor and Master Sha?

who is Doctor and Master Sha?

Doctor and Master Zhi Gang Sha has been creating positive transformations in thousands of people through the Tao Calligraphy healing field for decades. He is a former grand Tao master, physician, teacher and guardian who has enlightened the general population, celebrities, athletes and entrepreneurs to better understanding.

With a community of over 225,000 people and wellness centers around the world, Dr. and Master Sha has managed to perform over 400,000 healings on humans.

The primary focus of her mission and movement is to empower people to create optimal health, happiness, success, and fulfillment through Soulfulness and Tao Healing Technologies. It combines Western medicine with ancient wisdom to create mind-body medicine.

Doctor and Master Sha has written countless books, including Soul Mind Body Medicine, Soul Wisdom, and Power of Soul, all of which have been NY Times bestsellers. Additionally, the Grand Master has received wide recognition for his services around the world, including commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Price 2006.

doctor and Master Sha wrote countless books

The healer also received the 2020 Best Spiritual Innovator of the Year award from the International Association of Top Professionals.

why dr and so revered Master Sha in the healing room?

Tao calligraphy is a transformative art that has endured for millennia as wisdom has passed from great master to student through a very long tradition. Often described as “art beyond art”, the spiritually motivated technique is used in integrative healing practices for believers around the world.

Master Sha

Tao calligraphy has long been known to have powerful vibrational fields that convey positive energy and life changing messages such as unconditional love, forgiveness, harmony, prosperity and more.

doctor and Master Sha is revered among Tao practitioners as the last grand master in the lineage dating back to the last emperor of China. Doctor and Master Sha learned most of his practice from his master, Professor Li Qui Yin. Professor Li learned directly from Tai Si, the royal family’s tutor during the Qing Dynasty.

Doctor and Master Sha is now the last royal court lineage holder of China’s last emperor, trying to introduce the benefits of Tao calligraphy to as many people as possible.

Transformative Art was last November iSold in a month

Last November, Master Sha released his first NFT collection titled Transformative Art. It was a series of single-stroke healing calligraphy artworks, one of the very first Chinese calligraphy created as NFT.

Transformative Art Sold out in less than a month last November

The collection was an extension of Dr. and Master Sha’s revered and cherished Tao Ye Chang Sheng calligraphy, which was exhibited at the prestigious Art Basil Miami in 2021.

After its launch in November 2021, the collection quickly became one of the highest ranked NFT collections on OpenSea. A total of 5,000 NFTs were minted for the Transformative Art NFT Collection, which sold out in less than a month. Overall, the collection managed to gross over $10 million, with resale value reaching millions of dollars.

The NFT Collection was released in collaboration with ViciNFT, a blockchain project that aims to provide NFTs for the common good of humanity. In addition to the artwork itself, the owners of the NFT also received a video showing the process of creating the artwork.

The Transformative Art Collection is designed to empower people to embrace an abundance of positive blessings and increase their ultimate success. In the next collection of Dr. and Master Sha talks about unconditional love.

Master Sha is back with a new and surprising collection: “The Greatest Love”

The new collection is called The Greatest Love, also known as Da Ai, and will celebrate four sacred phases of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha included.

Doctor & Master Sha say love melts all blocks, and the latest NFT collection is unconditional love given to owners with no expectations of commitments. All NFTs in The Greatest Love collection will be original Tao calligraphy created by Dr. & Master Sha were written by themselves.

The great thing about this new collection is that it contains a positive source information field of Da Ai – Greatest Love. NFTs are said to carry an enormous amount of healing frequencies of pure, unconditional love for the owner.

The great thing about this new collection is that it contains a positive source information field of Da Ai - Greatest Love.

The healer explains that when you connect with the greatest calligraphy of love, you will experience this unconditional love in your heart and soul. The NFT will provide an unlimited source of healing within and enable owners to give unconditional healing love to others.

The new collection will be released via two different NFT drops, one private and one public.

The Private Repository is an exclusive repository for owners who own the first Transformative Art NFT collection by Dr. and own Master Sha. The private filing is scheduled for December 13.

The public airdrop will take place the following week, December 20. Investors wishing to participate in the drop will need a account to purchase the sacred new NFT.

Overall, NFTs are a unique transformative digital art that owners can use to connect and bring positive insights to their field. The next step for Dr. and Master Sha is to bring the spirit field into the metaverse with this NFT collection.

links to dr & Master Sha on social media:

Last updated on December 16, 2022

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