Legal lifecycle in and around the metaverse

07.12.2022, 09:00 – 12:00,

hybrid at the Weblaw Campus Zurich @ FFHS Gleisarena, Zurich and via Zoom

Carmen De la Cruz, lawyer, notary and LegalTech expert, Zug

What to expect in this course
This Metaverse lesson discusses relevant legal issues surrounding the Metaverse buzzword, NFTs and Co. You will learn about what consulting services are needed throughout the lifecycle.
From the structure to the use of forms of digital services, many questions arise in the metaverse, such as: what about data, terms and conditions, copyright, NFT, secrecy lawyer, etc. ? What do lawyers need to know to advise their clients or to establish a presence in the metaverse?

Contractual issues for structure and maintenance, presence, data protection, disputes and enforcement, but also tax issues are important topics relating to Metaverse & Co. The beginning of relationships with users, customers (virtual), partners, suppliers * Inside is at the beginning – up to incorrect offers and misuse, etc.
Requirements and possible offers oppose tendencies and open questions, but also dependencies.

In addition to many open questions, the lawyers also have the “hard facts”:
Contracts and terms and conditions (development and use), poor performance, liability, enforceability of claims; Regulation.

All of these topics will be highlighted and discussed during this course.

prior knowledge

Participants who have already taken our Metaverse lessons with an emphasis “AR & VR”, The metaverse from a legal point of view (An essential foundation course with valuable background information)» such as “Metaverse & Web 3.0” participated in broadening and deepening the specialist knowledge they have acquired so far to another important level.

Course language

The course language is German. Questions can also be asked of the speakers at any time in English and French.

Carmen De La Cruz

Carmen De la Cruz is a lawyer and notary based in Zug. She worked for many years as an IT lawyer in technology and telecommunications companies before becoming a partner in technology law. You focus on new technologies such as AI, IoT or Blockchain in connection with all business activities. With her vast experience in the fields of technology, data protection, commercial and corporate law, etc., she supports her clients in the creation, growth and development of their businesses. She has been a partner of the law firm LEXcellence AG in Baar since April 1, 2021.

prices and conditions

course fees

CHF 550 per person and lesson
including digital documents, coffee, tea and mineral water on site.

CHF 450 per person and lesson via Zoom

information and registration

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