KICKZM3TA: Jung von Matt Nerd and Kickz form a joint venture in the metaverse

The KICKZM3TA design is based on the trending anime style (Image: M3TA Collective)

Several agencies and series founders want to build an NFT fashion gamification metaverse together. The name: KICKZM3TA.

Essen entrepreneur Jacob Fatih (FitX, YT Industries, Crealize), Dortmund advertising agency Brandneo, streetwear retailer Kickz and Hamburg pop culture specialists Jung von Matt Nerd have founded joint venture M3TA Collective. Frankfurt investor Alexander Schlicher and venture capital manager Gökhan Akkamis are also on board.

The aim of the joint venture is to develop the Metaverse KICKZM3TA ecosystem with a focus on the fashion industry – where brands like Gucci, Nike and Adidas have already launched their first NFT test balls. NFTs are unique digital coins that are built and traded on a blockchain basis. Regardless of the large investments, the business model is still very controversial – also and especially in the core gaming target group.

At launch, KICKZM3TA will initially offer NFT-based figures and anime-style fashion collections in the form of “booster packs”. An integrated game ecosystem aims to allow brands to integrate digital skins directly into a game that is analog to League of Legends unite different champions and classes.

The initiators see considerable potential in the idea and refer to existing sales: in Germany, more than 4 billion euros will be spent on in-game purchases in 2021, including digital avatars and outfits (“skins”) .

The partners bring their respective basic skills to the project – Brandneo, for example, with a view to technical infrastructure, Kickz through direct access to the sneaker and basketball community and retailers, and Jung von Matt Nerd is dedicated to brand strategy. Jung von Matt Nerd’s clients include Pringles, Haribo, BMW and Gamescom Cologne.

Jacob Fatih:I believe in a firm credo: Sharing makes you rich! Initially, we wanted to have the agencies and their founders as service providers and advisory boards. But our jointly developed vision was so big that we all wanted to start together. The moment the internet and digital fashion are being redefined is unique, and so is this founding constellation.

Denis Horvat, co-CEO of Kickz and boss of KickzMeta, who currently runs ten stores in Germany: “For nearly 30 years, we’ve championed basketball culture and the sportswear community like no other retailer and we want to continue to do so for the next 30 years. Web3 and the Metaverse will not only redefine technology but also cultural relevance. Together with our partner brands, we want to usher in the next era of retail.

Jung von Matt Founder and CEO Toan Nguyen: “Today, games and digital fashion are already a billion-dollar business that generates more sales in Germany than the entire premier Bundesliga. Many fashion companies in Germany have already missed out on e-commerce and marketing social is their chance not to miss the third wave.

Jens Taubert, Sales Director and Web3 Manager at Brandneo: “We live in a world of marketing where community centrality is increasingly important. With Kickz as our partner, we have a credible player from basketball culture who will now build bridges to new communities. We are very happy to be part of it. »

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