“In jail for that?” Trump’s ‘big announcement’ sparks horror

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Of: Daniel Dillmann, Christian Stoer


Donald Trump is getting into selling NFT, shocking even his most loyal fans.

  • Even the fans are appalled: Donald Trump promises a “big announcement”, but disappoints even his own followers
  • Trading cards for $99: Instead of making a political announcement, Trump is promoting NFTs
  • Trump the superhero: This isn’t the former Republican president’s first bizarre appearance

+++ 1:20 p.m.: The trading cards, which Donald Trump boasted of being sold, are distributed by a company called CIC Ventures. who reports the New York Times. According to the newspaper’s research, it is not a company owned by Trump himself, but “founded in 2021 by former Trump adviser Nick Luna and current Trump attorney John Marion,” according to the journalist Ken Bensington on Twitter. “The mailing address is the same as the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.”

+++ 10.11 a.m.: Donald Trump has caused confusion with his announcement, especially among his most loyal supporters. “I can’t believe I went to jail for an NFT seller,” Tim Gionet wrote on his Baked Alaska Twitter account. Gionet was present when the Capitol was seized on January 6, 2021 and was charged with it. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in prison.

Trading cards for $99 feature Donald Trump as a superhero, astronaut, golfer and more. © STF/AFP

Donald Trump’s announcement appalled his own supporters

Update, December 16, 8:40 a.m.: Donald Trump’s publicity stunt triggers horror even in his own family. “I can’t do this anymore,” Trump’s former adviser and one of his staunchest advocates, Steve Bannon, said after the big announcement, which turned out to be an ad for digital trading cards. Trump is “one of the greatest presidents in history,” Bannon said. But whoever came up with the NFT idea should be “fired today.”

Donald Trump sells trading cards and raffles

+++ 8 p.m.: The release of digital trading cards announced by Donald Trump included several raffle offers, including a dinner with Trump himself: “I don’t know if it’s a great prize, but that’s what we have” , Trump said. However, one ticket is not enough for this, at least 45 tickets must be purchased for this. “Buy 45 digital trading cards today and receive a guaranteed ticket to attend the gala dinner with Trump in South Florida,” said Trump’s recently launched website for NFTs.

Donald Trump’s ‘Big Announcement’: Trading Cards for $99

+++ 5.40 p.m.: Donald Trump kept his word. After making a big announcement to much fanfare, he has now got down to business and revealed what it’s all about on his network, Truth Social. So, does he return to Twitter, does he run as an independent candidate in the 2024 US elections, does he announce his running mate?

No, none of that. Instead, Trump announced that he was selling digital trading cards himself. For $99 each, fans can purchase glorified digital drawings of the 76-year-old: Trump in a superhero costume (including abs), Trump on a white horse and an American flag, Trump on a blue elephant and red.

“My official Donald Trump digital trading card collection is here!” Trump announced. “These limited edition cards contain the incredible WORK OF ART of my life and career! Collect all your favorite digital Trump trading cards, similar to a baseball card but hopefully much more exciting.

This related promotional video Trump began with a hymn: “Hello everyone, this is Donald Trump. Hope your favorite president of all time – better than Lincoln, better than Washington.”

Donald Trump increasingly unpopular

+++ 4:41 p.m.: Just in time for Donald Trump’s big announcement, his popularity is plummeting. According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, only 31% of registered voters have a good opinion of the former president. 59% reject it. These are according to the American news portal Newsweek Trump’s worst scores in this poll since his first survey in 2015.

+++ 3:36 p.m.: Another possible announcement by Donald Trump could be, according to the British television network Sky News be his comeback on Twitter. The former president had one of the most successful Twitter accounts of all time with @realdonaldtrump – until the short message service blocked the account after the storm hit the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, announced after a vote that Trump’s account would be published again. The former president, however, politely declined. He remains loyal to his own social network, Truth Social.

Does Donald Trump unbox Ron DeSantis?

+++ 1:58 p.m.: What will Donald Trump announce? The question has the United States worried after the former president promised a big announcement in a bizarre video. And what role does Ron DeSantis play in this? The governor of Florida is considered a promising Republican candidate for the presidential nomination. In a recent poll, DeSantis is pushing Trump away. In turn, shortly after the midterms, he threatened to go public with dirty details about DeSantis if he competed. DeSantis has yet to confirm it, but the timing of the first 2024 U.S. election dirt campaign could come sooner than previously thought.

Update, 10:45 a.m.: The idea of ​​a Superman production is not new to Donald Trump. The former president has already flirted with him during his term. After his corona infection, Trump planned, according to the New York Timesto show his fans the Superman costume when he got out of the hospital.

Donald Trump promises ‘big announcement’ in new video

First report: Palm Beach – The former president is back in the spotlight. Donald Trump has promised a “big announcement” for Thursday (December 15). In a video shared by Trump on his social media platform truth societyI posted, he said, “America needs a superhero!”

The announcement is followed in the video by a comic drawing of Donald Trump himself, ripping his shirt off and tying his body up and revealing some kind of superhero costume under his clothes. Instead of the “S” that Superman wears on his chest, Donald has a red T. Like the Kryptonian, the comical Donald shoots laser beams from his eyes. The gold lettering of Trump Tower in New York can be seen in the background of the scene.

Donald Trump, here as a superhero, announces big things on Truth Social.
Donald Trump, here as a superhero, announces big things on Truth Social. ©Screenshot

Donald Trump: speculation on the big announcement of the former president

Donald Trump’s announcement comes a month after the former president announced on November 15, 2022 that he intended to run for president again – despite a heavy midterm defeat days earlier for the Republicans under his leadership. The rocky start to his re-election campaign continued in the coming weeks. Scandals followed over dinners with anti-Semites and ultra-nationalists, poor polls within his own party and court convictions against his real estate company.

So it stands to reason that Donald Trump will now try to draw attention to his 2024 campaign. “Pure speculation, but he might announce he’s running as an independent,” said pro- TrumpFox News. Other hypotheses revolve around Trump announcing his nominee for vice president. Other voices, also on Fox News, sound almost hopeless, assuming that Trump would like to announce that he would not run for office himself, but rather slip into the role of “kingmaker.” (Daniel Dilmann)

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