FC Schalke 04 and FANZONE publish joint NFT

The partnership between Schalke 04 and multisport portal NFT begins with a limited collection of a selected player. The edition is – how could it be otherwise – of 1904 copies. Similar to a sticker album, fans can collect their designs. The advantage of the digital version is, on the one hand, that the holders have checked individual items in their hands and, with some trading cards, additional content is also hidden behind the token.

The first drop of the collection will be available online from Thursday, September 8. The “Squad Collection” cards will then be launched at the end of September – in the collection, all squad players will be available in different levels of rarity as digital trading cards. On the FANZONE.io website and the FANZONE apps for iOS and Android, fans can buy, collect and redeem the limited digital tickets and win exclusive prizes such as signed jerseys or VIP tickets.

Dr. Bernd Schröder, CEO of FC Schalke 04, is delighted with this innovative cooperation: “With FANZONE, we are offering something completely new from the royal blue cosmos to all Schalke fans who are passionate about digital merchandise and NFT in particular. Digital Trading Cards are a great addition to our range as they are innovative, highly exclusive and of rare value.The whole world is talking about NFTs and Trading Cards right now – we are happy to leave our digital footprint here.

Dirk Weyel, co-founder and CEO of FANZONE: “We are very happy to welcome FC Schalke 04, one of the most traditional clubs in the German Bundesliga, to our football zone. Schalke 04 has a large number of passionate fans and combines its fan engagement activities with the pursuit of digital innovation. With our beginner-friendly NFT Collectibles app, we are giving Schalke 04 a new engagement tool and giving existing and new fans the opportunity to enjoy unique fan experiences.

Technical details:

FANZONE’s NFTs are listed on the Polygon blockchain, an Ethereum sidechain considered a “green” blockchain. Thanks to the proof-of-stake mechanism, the Polygon blockchain consumes 99.9% less energy than other NFTs mined directly on Ethereum. Unlike Proof-of-Work, Polygon uses Proof-of-Stake validation, which guarantees very low power consumption.

Blockchain technology allows the creation of limited digital objects that cannot be copied or shared. These “Non-fungible Tokens” (NFTs) guarantee the authenticity, rarity and affiliation of these items – a unique digital one-off, so to speak. Another benefit is that digital assets are available for life on the blockchain and exist independently of apps and app stores. As a result, fans actually own their rare trading card collections and can also benefit from possible increases in value.

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