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You may have noticed that the results of the UN climate conference in Egypt were rather disappointing. Fortunately, the world is not just made up of governments struggling to find agreements and make bold decisions. There are also committed actors from civil society, science and business. These five start-ups, for example, which were awarded during the ClimateTech Run on the sidelines of the conference.

@Joanne from the 1E9 team told us how they want to make the world a better place with stickers that make fruit last longer, with waterless toilets that turn urine into fertilizer, or with drones that track trash.

ESG of Europe, artificial islands and the idealistic Web3

Now start-ups like this need money like everyone else – and things are looking good here too: Investments in climate tech start-ups are booming and venture capital funds -risk are generally more interested in environmental, social and good corporate governance issues. and more seriously. This was established by @JFLenhard and @dkampmann, who scientifically discuss the importance of ESG principles in the world of start-ups and investors. E for environmental, S for social, G for governance. Both have written for us why they think Europe could be the global pioneer in this regard.

@Michael discussed a concept that serves to adapt to the consequences of climate change. More precisely: with artificial islands that could accommodate cities on the water. Sea levels are rising, particularly threatening coastal and island settlements. The Danish architecture studio MAST therefore imagined the concept land on water developed. Behind her are various floating modules that can be combined to form islands on the water as needed. Here you can read more about it.

@Michael also has unusual structures on the Moon for us: the Texan start-up ICON, already known for its 3D-printed mud houses, is now also working for NASA. It aims to develop a 3D printer-based system that can be used to build habitats and other infrastructure on the moon – with a printable concrete mix of lunar gestures.

@Yann1c studied the history of the computer age for us – and found parallels between the early Unix community, the Internet pioneers, and today’s Web3 scene. Initial creativity and a sense of tinkering were often followed by arguments about commerce versus idealism, about open standards versus closed systems. So Yannic wonders how things will continue with Web3. And if it will bring us the free internet we have always been promised.

Community sessions, this week in the future! and a new podcast

Don’t forget to sign up for our next exciting community sessions. Next week, December 8 at 7:15 p.m., @serigala tells us what CRISPR-Cas “gene editing” could mean for the future of agriculture. Information and registration here. On 15.12. @juliaschneider presents his new comic The big third and the blockchain and discusses with @alias_eitel and Katrin Becker whether blockchain could – and should – take on the role of earlier bodies such as states or religions. And I hope also with you. Here are the details.

Otherwise, of course, we have more news about cosmos 1E9 in the current issue of ours This week in the future! Newsletters collected for you: From weight-loss drugs as the next pharmaceutical blockbuster to questionable scientific AI from Meta and self-driving services from Waymo and Volkswagen to an Indian Twitter alternative currently causing a stir in Brazil, there should be something for everyone. world be. If you also want to receive the newsletter every Sunday, just join this circle.

A new episode of our XR podcast New realities, which we are launching with the XR HUB Bavaria, is also to be announced. I talked about the game to Georg Hobmeier of Austrian game studio Causa Creations rising tide talked about bringing climate change into the AR classroom. Fun transfer of knowledge on a serious subject.

A few new members introduced themselves during our introductory tour – including a personal AI-generated photo: Thank you for your participation @Julalila @scherzkeks77 @k.grote @arabe @jmerio.pianari!

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