Rockstar Games Bans NFTs on FiveM Servers

Rockstar Games bans NFTs and cryptocurrencies on fan-made servers, joining Microsoft and Steam.

With the Grand Theft Auto series (GTA for short), the American video game company Rockstar Games offers one of the most iconic video game series of the 21st century. In addition to the captivating single player mode, GTA has always offered a multiplayer version . for each release in the series.

FiveM is the latest multiplayer installment in the series. It features social multiplayer, giving the community the creative freedom to create worlds in which they can do anything from role-playing as a bank robber to simply hanging out with friends online in a car park.

Recently, Rockstar Games updated its corporate policy regarding “the use of cryptocurrencies or cryptographic assets (e.g., “NFTs”)” prohibiting their use on many Rockstar Games servers.

What are the implications of banning NFT?

These servers are primarily “RPG servers” where players can freely enter a version of GTA that they have designed themselves. Due to their inherent freedom, some servers include NFTs and cryptocurrencies as additional features to suit certain gamer tastes.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Many custom servers had to be shut down due to new Rockstar policies. “Trenches RP” and MyMetaverse are some of the popular GTA servers that will be hit hard by this change. As a result, some servers are shut down completely, while others are complying with the guidelines by simply removing Web3 functionality from their mods.

In blockchain games, NFT games use cryptocurrencies and NFTs to allow users to own in-game assets. Players can trade, sell, and hold their digital assets to earn money through gambling.

GTA roleplaying servers are similar to the Web3 “Metaverse” gaming trend where players can role-play and create worlds of their own imagination. Games like The Sandbox and Decentraland give communities the freedom to create worlds in their own way, enabling creativity in the world of Web3

Game companies’ response to NFTs

Rockstar Games is not alone in avoiding crypto and web3. Minecraft developers have also spoken out against NFTs and cryptocurrency. The company has also banned the use of NFTs and blockchain on its fan servers.

Web2’s leading gaming platform, Steam, has also spoken out against blockchain gaming, blocking blockchain-related games from being offered on its gaming platform.

On the other hand, have EpicGames and Ubisoft joined the blockchain gaming bandwagon by implementing crypto gaming capabilities, moving closer to Web3 adoption.

While we’re not trying to rank the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, it’s important to see who jumped on the NFT ship early and which companies stepped back to analyze first. Which companies do you think will soon jump on the NFT bandwagon? Which companies will inevitably stay away?

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