Metaverse would generate more than 191 billion dollars in online sales

Expectations for the Internet of the future are high: Statista analysts estimate the metaverse’s sales potential for e-commerce at over US$191 billion by 2030. However, other market segments are expected to dominate much more digital commerce.

The Internet of the future will be immersive and experience-driven. The analysts of the statistics portal Statista are convinced of this. They see a convergence of various digital trends as drivers, such as the further development of virtual worlds and spatial media, the introduction of blockchain and remote productivity, and the democratization of e-commerce.

bright future

The Digital Economy Compass 2022 certifies that the Metaverse has a bright future. By 2030, the Metaverse will hit $191 billion in e-commerce sales alone, analysts estimate.

“The Metaverse will inevitably change the way people interact in the physical and digital world,” reads a press release. “A seismic shift towards digital worlds seems possible and creates new potentials of the digital economy, the observation of which will be essential for companies.

The game exceeds television

However, the metaverse trend is far from the strongest economic engine in the digital world. Today, gaming is already the second largest market segment in digital media after television. Statista experts expect continued growth through 2027 – at $499 billion, gaming could then become the strongest market, just ahead of digital video ($477 billion) and well ahead of television ( $386 billion).

Regarding the Metaverse, the authors of the study highlight the significant investments that major players such as Meta and Apple have already made. In total, an estimated US$30 billion in sales has gone into the development of hardware and software for virtual worlds.

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