Metacade and Axie Infinity will fundamentally change the Metaverse industry in 2023

Both Metacade and Axie Infinity will transform the Metaverse industry in 2023, and in a big way. Already known for its influence on Web3, Axie Infinity provides alternative revenue streams to users around the world. The upcoming Metacade (MCADE) project aims to be a complete ecosystem of games to play, earn and build on the web3.

This article examines these two disruptive ecosystems to see how they could push old paradigms even further and transform the metaverse in 2023.

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Axie Infinity Short Guide

Axie Infinity was one of the first P2E platforms that got people thinking seriously about Web3. This was big news as a gaming ecosystem provided a legitimate income opportunity for a low-income nation. In fact, residents of the Philippines used to earn so much that the government decided to regulate it as taxable income.

In the Axie Infinity ecosystem, people have bought and sold collectible NFTs called “Axies”. Axie Infinity is based on the Ethereum network and Axies are tradable ERC-20 tokens. Axie Infinity is one of the best known and largest Play-to-Earn (P2E) networks. It has its own platforms where the Axies interact and fight each other.

However, this platform has now faced more competition, and recently there was a $625 million hack on the Ronin network. It is one of the biggest DeFi hacks in history. This is a blow to a revolutionary ecosystem that paved the way for many other gaming metaverse platforms.

A short guide to Metacade

Like Axie Infinity, Metacade looks at Web3 gaming, but in a different way. Metacade is currently in the pre-sale phase. It aims to be a one stop shop for all things gaming. It will be a fun, dynamic, and collaborative ecosystem for people to find, invest, and play Web3 games.

Community alignment is one of Metacade’s core principles. For example, Metacade rewards its users for improving the community. This is done through the native token – MCADE, which is also used in governance voting, allowing users to decide the future of Metacade and the games it will host.

Of course, the game will be at the center of Metacade. Discussion forums and polls will allow users to quickly find the best games. Participants will also be able to find jobs and test games on the Metacade network. The Metacade is a great place for entrepreneurs, game developers, and crypto investors to meet and discuss common interests, skills, goals, and aspirations. Not only that, it’s a place where it can actually happen.

Unlike other game ecosystems that can crumble over time, Metacade will stand on its own. It offers multiple revenue streams to reward participants in different ways, in addition to simply flipping NFTs in hopes of winning. People who really engage in Web3 games will be rewarded commensurate with their efforts.

They will also have a say in the direction of the network, enabled by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) for collaborative decision-making.

Profitable Trends for the Metaverse Industry in 2023

Everyone is talking about the metaverse these days. Moreover, its future adoption becomes a simple fact of our daily lives. And not just for individuals. Facebook has rebranded itself as Meta, and big companies are eager to take advantage of these new virtual reality platforms. In 2022, the metaverse is estimated to have a market potential of $8.33 trillion in the United States alone.

Meanwhile, gamers are migrating from centralized Web2 platforms to decentralized metaverses that aren’t overcrowded by other people and marketing agencies. This is evidenced by the large volumes of games entering ecosystems like Axie Infinity. Web3 metaverses simply offer so much more than was previously offered by centralized platforms.

The Metaverse consists of related industries such as AR, VR, and content distribution of all kinds. All existing industries can be connected to a Metaverse through NFTs, blockchains, tokenization, and immersive technology. Metacade and Axie Infinity will play their part in the Metaverse industry in 2023.

Metacade and Axie Infinity: which one to choose?

Metacade slightly outperforms Axie Infinity as an investment opportunity. There are clear reasons for this:

  1. Metacade is a full-fledged ecosystem for Web3 games.
  2. Metacade does more than flip NFTs.
  3. Metacade will grow with participant preferences.
  4. Metacade offers a wide variety of reward mechanisms.
  5. Axie Infinity isn’t as popular as it used to be.
  6. Axie Infinity’s metaverse is saturated – many of its assets are overpriced.

Currently in presale, Metacade presents a much better opportunity in terms of upside potential. While the price of MCADE is only $0.01 in the pre-sale stage, it will be as low as $0.02 in the final stage.

Getting in now would be like investing in an Axie before people knew what it is. And it is always better to invest early in lucrative projects.

Metacade and Axie Infinity will transform the Metaverse into 2023 and beyond. The difference is that Axie Infinity seems to be past its prime, while Metacade is just on the verge of extraordinary growth.

For this reason, Metacade could definitely be a better bet than Axie Infinity from an investment perspective.
You can here take part in the M├ętacade presale.

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