Hackers steal 5.7 million user data from crypto exchange Gemini

An external service provider of leading crypto exchange Gemini was hacked on or before December 13. According to documents obtained by Cointelegraph, the hackers were able to access 5,701,649 lines of sensitive Gemini customer information, including email addresses and phone numbers. In the case of the latter, however, the attackers would not have had access to all the numbers as parts of them were intentionally made unrecognizable in advance.

Looking back, Gemini confirmed on the company’s blog that the vulnerability was caused by “a third-party incident.” At the same time, the crypto exchange warns that there could be more “phishing attacks” against platform users based on the stolen data.

However, critical personal data such as name, address and identification data would not have been affected by the attacks. Additionally, some email addresses appear twice in the leaked information documents, suggesting that the number of customers affected is smaller than the data set is large. The Gemini currently has 13 million active users. Regarding the incident, the trading platform writes:

“Some Gemini users have recently been victims of phishing attacks, which we believe are the result of a third-party incident. This vulnerability allowed certain data to be collected from some Gemini users, such as email addresses email and phone numbers.No account details have been stolen or systems have been compromised, all funds and customer accounts remain secure.

Even small security breaches can have far-reaching consequences in the crypto industry. A similar attack was carried out in April on hardware wallet provider Trezor, where email addresses could also be captured by a third-party hacker. This data was later misused for phishing attacks against Trezor users, resulting in notable losses for them.

After the vulnerability became known, the Gemini was offline for a short time, but the trading platform is now back online and operating normally.

Gemini was offline for almost 90 minutes on Wednesday

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