Blockchain Project: Polygon and Warner Music collaborate on the Web3 music platform | new

β€’ One step closer to the virtual world
β€’ Strong partners on board
β€’ Cross-blockchain trading

Indian blockchain platform Polygon cooperates with Warner Music and e-commerce company LGND. The joint music platform LGND Music is to be launched as early as January 2023.

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According to reports from BTC Echo, the virtual platform is designed in such a way that digital music collectibles can not only be played but also traded on the blockchain as NFTs. In addition, there should be a cooperation with the SPINNIN’ RECORDS label from the Netherlands, which belongs to the Warner Music Group and is known for electronic dance music.

Objectives of the new platform

On the new platform’s homepage, you can read that the companies involved were looking for a new approach to bringing things simple and beautiful for music fans into the virtual world: listening to music, exchanging, building contacts. “Fans needed something simple that would allow them to collect, own and re-share music while feeling closer to their favorite artists.”

At the same time, they want to create a level playing field for musicians and artists and involve them accordingly. “Artists needed a platform where they could make their voices heard and connect directly with their community, while making royalty payments transparent and, most importantly, fair.”

Music NFTs can also be played on mobile devices from all common platforms. In the future, trade should then be possible through blockchains. β€œWe have been working for over a year to bring the best blockchain experience to passionate music lovers around the world and we look forward to innovative and unique content from all types of WMG artists,” said Michael Rockwell, CEO of LGND. Music, quoted by BTC ECHO.

The success of Polygon

Polygon currently seems capable of defying the crypto crash, the Polygon coin was even able to rise significantly in November before the price fell again recently. This is certainly due to the positive headlines surrounding the company. Because Polygon has already won several strong cooperation partners: JPMorgan, Disney, Reddit, OpenSea and Meta extend their Web3 structures on the Ethereum scaling solution. settle their NFT transactions on the Polygon network.

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