Adler share price jumps – deal with creditors as entry opportunity?

After the bad news regarding allegations regarding the balance sheet of Viceroy Research and BaFin and associated price losses, the Adler Group has now more time to repay their obligations conceded. That’s what they became reinforced conditionsIn effect it gave a new impetus to sharing. The following article discusses exactly what the conditions look like and how it could help Adler out of the crisis.

Settlement with creditors of Adler shares


This heavily indebted Luxembourg real estate companies Eagle jumped after the Agreement with around 45% of bondholders on the adaptation of the conditions to the altitude. Overall, however, 75% bondholder approval is required. The target should be reached in March at the latest.

The loan will now be 2.75 percentage points more with 12.5% ​​interest and runs until June 30, 2025. Thus, the financial liabilities of Adler Real Estate and Consus Real Estate can be refinanced.

the Accrued interest is to be carried forward until July 21, 2025 and only then get paid. The audited consolidated accounts for the 2022 financial year will also be postponed until the end of next year. They must become effective new conditions no later than the first quarter of 2023.

In addition, agreements have been made that, subject to and with restrictions, Possible additional responsibilities is. Similarly, Adler did not undertake any Make dividends or other payments to shareholders.

Although it will be Loan secured by the Adler Groupbut under the Subject to a positive restructuring report. There are also changes in the conditions of the bonds Provision of guarantees and other customary closing conditions. A Personalization exception conditions, however, formed the Convertible links.

Moreover, the Obligation associated with an equity instrument. So are the owners Purchase of 25% of the shares at an exercise price of €0 justified. If the subscription right is not exercised within 6 years by issuing shares, payment will be made in cash.

Adler was therefore able €937.5 million secured debt financing reach. Overall, however, the company arrives Bonds over €3.2 billionwhere he including convertible bonds and bank loans even 6.9 billion euros are.

Reactions from the Adler Group


Adler management has already announced the Team building with renovation experts on. Moreover, should Extended Board of Directors will be. We should non-executive member with extensive experience in financial markets join. New staff should be selected with bond creditors.

According to the head of the board, Stefan Kirsten, the agreement with the creditors resulted in a release. ‘Cause that’s how it could be Company stabilized and financing secured until mid-2025 will be. In this way, Adler could first freed from its plight and avoided bankruptcy will be.

‘Cause then he wouldn’t stand with his back to the wall and don’t have to get into every case. Therefore, the company also not obliged to sell assets below their value. In this way, Adler was also able avoid much more expensive insolvency proceedings.

Previous Adler stock development


However, the company is still suffering from the allegations from last year by Viceroy Research. The allegations included: false evaluations of real estate projects. However Adler dismissed this.

Also becomes an eagle observed by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).because she had 3 other errors found in the 2019 balance sheet. The company was accused of having a poor consolidation with the subsidiary ADO Properties did.

In addition, the Adler Group was due to release its figures in April. However, previously the KPMG auditors refused certificationso that they are no longer available for the 2022 annual and consolidated accounts. In this context, a Loss of billions, apparently, due to excessive depreciation. They were also noticeable Resignations of almost all the members of the Board of Directors.

Price reaction to settlement with Adler action creditors

Adler shares performance after agreement with creditors

Today’s announcement the stock continued its recovery from last week a way and switched up to 64%. Now she always takes notes nearly 41% more than last time. So, after the October low, Adler reached a price of 1.25 EUR up to 2.92 euros.

In the medium term, however, the price looks catastrophic. At the moment, Adler has still not reached the old price of €11 from the start of the year. So the stock is still quoted nearly 80% decline since the start of the year. Compared to the historical record of 2018, this represents approximately 49 € Loss even greater than 95%.

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