Roblox: In the stretch limo through the metaverse

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It is now 4:42 a.m., the light is on in the local supermarket. I can spot shelves of brightly colored candy before I settle into the back seat. But Tocafan4568 asks me to go up front. Hit the spacebar and my avatar jumps into the passenger seat. At dawn, we drive through “Livetopia” in a stretch limo, past sports centers, car washes and playgrounds. Once we even come across a wedding car. It looks a bit like a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. So I don’t feel so stupid with the childish motorcycle t-shirt anymore. My driver has to maneuver again and again. Driving a stretched limo through the grid-like road network of ‘Livetopia’ doesn’t seem so easy. Then she parks – in front of the police station.

© Adrian Lobe (detail)

Unlimited | Tocafan4568 and the author’s avatar have breakfast in the stretch limo. Everything is open 24 hours a day in “Livetopia”.

“Did I do something wrong? I ask in chat. “No, no, my driver reassures me, it’s easy to park here. “Come with me.” There’s a restaurant across the street, she leads me back inside. Just like people used to nudge each other on social media, in the 3D world, it seems people nudge each other on their backs to show their affection. An interaction which is also practical because one cannot lose the other.

We are the only customers at 6:17. Everything seems a bit barren and barren. In the brilliance of the suspensions, the groups of tables seem even more uncomfortable. I can choose anything, said my hostess. But I don’t like sweet candy-colored cupcakes. Over a coffee, Tocafan4568 tells me what else we do: go shopping then go to the movies.

“Do you want to have fun? So come with me”Tocafan4568, Livetopia player

We drive to the mall. There are bags on the sidewalk, just grab them and take them inside. The escalator takes you to the first floor. The avatars hanging from the bottom of the snack bar get smaller with each level. There’s a dentist on the first floor that I noticed advertised on Topia Plaza. She wants to have her teeth checked, she’ll be right back, writes with Tocafan4568. I should wait for him in the waiting room. Very well then. Dental hygiene is also important for avatars. I collapse in an orange lounge suite and between two indoor plants I watch the television which is currently broadcasting a television news. It’s now 11:45 a.m. in “Livetopia,” the sun is shining outside. After a good half-minute, nearly three-quarters of an hour in the virtual treatment chair, Tocafan4568 returns in a good mood. “Do you want to have fun? Then come with me.”

Real life is kept silent in the metaverse

I am my mother until we stand before a blue cloud. We put our avatars inside and are teleported to a room with an obstacle course. It’s kind of like the Ninja Warriors TV show. Tocafan4568 now wants to play, she runs on a ramp with spikes and jumps wildly on slabs, while I stand there a little lost with my nerd clothes. I don’t have the talent to jump without VR glasses: I keep falling and fail at the first obstacle. Tocafan4568 comes to me and I feel like I’ve built his trust. I’m going to tell him what I haven’t revealed yet: I’m a journalist – and I do research. ” In real life ? she asks. “Yes,” I answer. She jumps in the air. To be honest, I didn’t expect this reaction. Now I’m curious. I want to know what she does in real life. She is a student and comes from Spain, she says. She doesn’t want to reveal more. In the Metaverse, people don’t like to talk about real life, so I don’t know how much time she spends here and what she likes about the game.

We have a date at the cinema. She loves The Hunger Games, Tocafan4568 tells me in passing. We sit in the blue-lit cinema seats. I should wait, she will change the movie. In ‘Livetopia’ you obviously determine the program of the cinema yourself, but other than staring at a blue screen, nothing happens. It is now 10:16 p.m., the “movie” is over. My virtual mom says she has to go home now, she has class tomorrow.

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