This was December’s monthly Metaverse event

At the invitation of, web3 enthusiasts as well as those curious about Metavers and web3 newcomers met on December 9 to listen carefully to the speakers and then discuss together.

Monthly Metaverse is a monthly event series from that not only talks about web3, NFT and Metaverse topics, but also lives them. Unlike most Web3 events, events do not take place via video calls or classic event formats, but directly in the metaverse. Because that’s the underlying problem.

“Not just talking about the metaverse, but also living it,” says organizer Markus Elsässer.

Guests followed the invite link, which took them to a gallery where they were able to view over 20 NFT projects. From there, they then entered the auditorium.

At 10 a.m., co-host Stefan Kny gave a few words of welcome and asked guests when the first AT&T videophone would be used. Similar to the well-known game show 1, 2, or 3, the avatars left their seats in the auditorium and stood under the year they thought was the correct answer.

The speakers

Maximilian Schmidt of CPI Technologies addressed the topic of digital identities. Maximilan asked a few questions, such as who logged in to the event via metamask or email, what identification procedures are known, and gave the audience an overview of the topic with explanations and appropriate processes.

Maximilian Schmidt spoke about digital identities

Maximilian Schmidt then answered questions from the audience about the supply chain and explained: “I always like to give the example of the cow giving milk and then turning it into cheese, which is then later a pizza can be found…”

Next, Raphael Sperling from Tax Sparrow addressed the subject of taxes related to web3, Metaverse and NFT in his lecture “Metaverse – a world without taxes”. Raphael gave many practical examples, including why a leap year can be crucial in terms of holding periods.

The humorous stories about the tax misconceptions that haunt the Metaverse were also very educational for the audience. Questions about the applicable tax laws in the metaverse and other questions from the public received understandable answers.

Monthly Metaverse
Raphael Sperling on the subject: “Metaverse – a world without taxes?”

Denise Auersbach did not talk about the metaverse but about the universe and gave 3 valuable tips, which she told from understandable everyday situations but also in the context of a story. There were many parallels between your point of view and the metaverse, etc. Good storytelling is essential for an NFT or metaverse. Denise was a talented storyteller during her lecture, as the audience listened to her spellbound story. So we got to know the experienced pizzeria Luigi, who met the impatient Denise.

She has yet to think about whether she wants to offer storytelling for web3 projects as well, as the metaverse is totally new to her. She will take care of it. (Denise will soon be a guest on the live stream and will share her experience of the Metaverse event).

Denise Auersbach Monthly Metaverse
Denise Auersbach Inspired by Universe Storytelling

Nico Limberg of Laid Back Ventures, involved in NFTs since 2018, presented his project Bored Harbor. Two of his yachts served as the backdrop for the event, but were also found in miniature in the Speakers Lounge. Nico told in a very funny way how he got the idea for his project from his own owner Bored Ape. Through his explanations on when and why he asked himself which questions, all the listeners were able to follow the evolution of the project. Price increase, community building, all that goes with it and of course a successful project start.

“I was just in the right place at the right time,” Nico said. Which steps are on the agenda for the future and which are still “to be discussed” made the project even more interesting and gave rise to a common discussion.

Monthly Metavers Nico Limberg
Nico Limberg brought two of his yachts into the auditorium

In addition to Nico’s specifications, there were important lessons learned from the projects in terms of community, roadmap, pricing, and timeline.

Stefan Kny then gave an overview of the subject of web3 trends and the perception of the subject in the media. How do we communicate NFT projects today compared to communication 1 year ago. In order to make the dominant communication path also clear for newcomers, a practical example has been given. (Booking a bungee jump through a booking portal) used for comparison. What parallels emerge from when the internet first appeared, and what opportunities Stefan sees in the realm of the metaverse. The importance of storytelling and community management were some of the points of his presentation.

Finally, Markus Elsässer gave an overview of the new features that will soon be added to The new w3pro.Expert job board for Metaverse, NFT and Web3 projects will be launched on Monday, December 12, 2022.

Thank you to all participants until the next monthly Metaverse event on January 25, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Here you will be informed.

Tip: Here you can see the launch party recording in the metaverse.

This was December’s monthly Metaverse event

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