The EU is having an expensive Metaverse party – and hardly anyone is coming

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Of: Luke Rogalla


The European Commission invites you to the party in the specially developed Metaverse. © Screenshot Twitter @EU_Partnerships

The EU wants to attract young people and interest them in politics. Unfortunately, his virtual party did not interest anyone.

Brussels – Where can you reach young people in these times and inspire them for politics? To the right, in the metaverse. This idea of ​​a digital space with all its possibilities has not gone unnoticed by the European Commission either. So you invested a lot of money in the development of a metaverse and immediately threw a party to publicize your own politics.

After all, the official trailer was open to 44 people before the party started. Twitter foster. In the end, there were probably only five people who accepted the invitation, reports Vince Chadwick of the portal devex, who got lost there himself. Those present also laughed at the event.

EU Metaverse party failures

Anyone who logs in can explore a “surreal tropical island” with their avatar in the form of a colorful paperclip, Chadwick explains. Reports on EU development policy were shown on video walls. At a beach party, what appear to be computer-generated characters dance to the beat. Dolphins jump in the air. Drones fly around carrying screens with words like “education” written on them.

devex reports that the construction of the Metaverse platform cost 387,000 euros. The aim of the event was to get young people aged 18-35 interested in the EU and the Global Gateway Initiative. To be more precise, those who are neutral towards the EU and have little interest in politics. The project also aims to highlight the activities of the European Commission around the world. We want to find an audience that the EU does not reach in the traditional way.

The EU is developing its own metaverse: “digital waste”

The project was obviously doomed from the start. Even those directly involved in the development of the Metaverse had few good words to spare, reports devex. Their reactions to the trailer ranged from “depressing and embarrassing” to “digital garbage”.

However, the “Global Gateway Initiative” announced at the Metaverse party has a more serious background. By 2027, 300 billion euros will be invested in improving infrastructure in emerging countries. (grl)

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