The first complete Web3 ecosystem aims to make it easier for users to get started with Web3

The move to Web3 and Metaverse has been on everyone’s lips for some time now. As a result, savvy experts and average users now recognize the added value that blockchain technology can bring. While these benefits are clear, the barriers to entry are often far too high, as the average user still needs expert knowledge, advice, and other help to get started.

So far, this has hardly been avoidable, as on Web3 activities, games and events are inevitably blockchain and crypto-bound, which is why the learning curve for newcomers is steep. so much steeper. The large number of existing business opportunities compared to Web2 only makes the field even more confusing.

WeWay is now preparing to bring the solution to this problem and allow newcomers to enter Web3 smoothly. This should be achieved through cooperation with influencers, monetization of NFTs and digital events such as concerts. For this, the platform offers four main solutions, namely: Agency Services, Educational Content, Metaverse and Marketplace.

“WeWay is a blockchain and NFT-based tech ecosystem that empowers content creators and influencers to maximize their creativity and shape the future in their own way,” says WeWay founder Fuad Fallullaev.

The basic idea behind WeWay is that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of Web3 without the need for a complex onboarding process.

The basic building blocks of Web3

WeWay is above all an agency that offers artists, brands, bloggers or other web personalities to showcase their creative talents and implement them for mutual strategic benefit within the framework of Web3. With the support of the agency and its major partners and advertising partners, artists can provide the expertise necessary for the successful monetization of their projects.

In addition to this strategic support for artists, WeWay also makes it easier for average users to get started with Web3 by providing the necessary educational content from the associated university. For influencers and content creators as well as their followers and fans, a bridge is being built in the vast world of Web3.

Most users are already familiar with Web3 in relation to NFTs and the corresponding trading platforms that manage these assets. As a result, WeWay also has such a market in addition to the Agency and University areas. Here, users can interact directly with influencers, for example through exclusive content or certain live events. Influencers and users can embed and display their avatars, NFTs, etc.

More information about Weway here

The fourth and final feature of the platform is the proprietary Metaverse called WeWay City. Similar to other Metaverse systems, WeWay City is intended to be the common meeting place where users interact and socialize with each other as they would in the real world. A good example are the WeWay concerts, in which artists can appear with their avatars, including outfits, accessories, hairstyles, etc. can be chosen freely. For matching digital collectibles, the WeWay team generates a number of matching tokens that can be put up for sale to fans.

Plus, there are plenty of other interaction options waiting to be discovered. To make experiences as immersive as possible, Metaverse graphics are AAA quality.

You can find more information about WeWay here.

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