The 7 Best Web3 Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2022

In our crypto efforts, we try to gather as much information as possible in as little time as possible. Sometimes we have to choose between speed, quality and ease of messaging. In the fast-paced world of Web3, being selective is especially important for decision making. The best way to find out is therefore to use the newsletters.

Knowledge is power and time is precious. That’s why we’re bringing you the seven best Web3 newsletters you should check out.

Why rely on crypto newsletters?

Creating newsletters is easy because it is free and transparent. You can create, write and publish your newsletter in just 30 minutes. This is made possible by platforms like Convertkit, Substack, and Revue.

A newsletter is the best way to learn about the various developments in the field of Web3. Information has the advantage of reaching a wider audience, which can benefit brands and customers. This is also due to the benefits of affiliate links, which work best with newsletters.

This is why clear and easy to navigate newsletters in web3 are necessary. Plus, they should always be up-to-date and easy to subscribe to.

Here is a list of the seven best newsletters for web3.

1. Milk Route

milk route

Milk Road’s daily newsletter features memes and breaking news from the crypto world. It’s a quick read and provides insight into some of the cool stuff happening in the crypto world in less than 5 minutes. Plus, it’s exceptionally well-written, free, and funny.

It’s also a collection of all those little nuggets you need to keep an eye on but don’t have time for. When you read the newsletter, you don’t feel like you are reading a newsletter, but rather reading a message that a friend sent to you.

2. Tascha Laboratories

Tascha Laboratories
Tascha Laboratories

Tascha Labs brings the most controversial insights into crypto and Web3. Controversial results may not be easy for everyone to digest, but they can still lead to alpha. Subscribing to the platform is as easy as writing an email address.

The advantage of the platform is that it has so many subscribers that it is easy to trust it.

3. The Crypto-Gimoire

Crypto Grimoire
Crypto Grimoire

The platform features a curated collection of all things crypto and blockchain interspersed with thoughts and commentary.

The Crypto Grimoire takes a broader approach to data, but also shows you where the smart money is going and recaps all the hot topics of the week. The information is primarily posted by Theo Delarosa and covers everything you can think of in the crypto space.

The advantage of this newsletter is that it is very complete. The effort Delarosa puts into his sub-stack is amazing.

One example is the recent FTX crash, where the platform provided a daily perspective on the fallout from the crash and what it means for investors. Subsequently, the platform can provide information to an investor who is heading into crypto.

4. DAO without bank

Dao without bank
Dao without bank

Bankless DAO’s Web3 newsletter is particularly useful for people who work full-time on Web3. Not only does it highlight the big new issues shaping the future of Web3, but it also examines more specific areas such as DAOs.

The newsletter started out as a newsletter and has since grown into a media company. This is the ultimate guide to DeFi, NFT, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The platform is trustworthy as it has over 200,000 subscribers. It is also a community that promotes acceptance and awareness of bankless money systems in media and culture.

5. Verdict Vela

Verdict Vela
Verdict Vela

The principal owner of the Web3 newsletter, Paul Veradittakit, is a partner at Pantera Capital and always religiously publishes his investment theses in his newsletter.

The platform is a must for anyone who wants to be a budding Web3 investor and stay ahead of evolving stories! Paul shares his thoughts on various industry events each week. Signing up for the newsletter is simple, you only need an email address. Updates are timely and up to date with current topics in the Web3 area.

6. Tributor


Tr3butor’s crypto newsletter is essential for contributors, DAOs, and organizations engaged in web3 development.

It covers everything that happens in the Web3 job market, from finding career opportunities to recruiting talent. In addition, the platform offers an overview of everything it is looking for on job market trends and web3 talents.

Many customers use the platform because they consider it to be reputable and reliable, which increases reliability. Plus, getting started is easy with just a required email address and daily updates.

7. Our network

Our network is led by Spencer Noon, co-founder of Variant Fund – one of the best-known fund managers on the web3.

It is aimed at the most experienced crypto and Web3 investors and is packed with tons of data from various sources like Dune. It is also a sub-stack post with many users. Publishers keep up to date with what is happening in the market and update their clients from time to time, so that users are always up to date with the latest industry trends, news and topics.


Finding the best crypto newsletters can be tricky, especially if you’re still trying to learn more about cryptocurrencies. Crypto newsletters are one of the best ways for crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors to keep up to date with developments in the digital asset market.

They are a great source of blockchain information and can help you keep up with the growing number of cryptocurrencies, learn more about smart contracts, and develop your investment strategy. However, it is always best to do your research before venturing into the information contained in newsletters.

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