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nintendo (NASDAQ:TSM) is more than video game stock and more than the Switch, it’s well known. The licenses include amusement park sales, films and, very directly, merchandising. The Japanese group is even represented in gaming streaming.

Can Nintendo’s stock do the Metaverse? Yes maybe. In any case, there are first indicators that show: It seems possible not to interact only digitally with your favorite characters. No, but also to create that they create a new world.

Nintendo: more metaverse than it seems? !

Incidentally, Nintendo management even put the word Metaverse in their mouths. The group’s president recently said that this trend has some relevance. Translated, it said something like:

The Metaverse has caught the attention of many companies around the world and has great potential. When the concept of the Metaverse is brought up in the media, games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons are sometimes cited. In this regard, the metaverse interests us.

It’s not really Nintendo’s lip service. But we say that the top management is thinking in this direction. Especially with early platforms and game ideas like Animal Crossing, a new digital world in which people can interact is already here. Thing is, it’s just one game on one platform, though. In this regard, a somewhat broader approach would be ideal.

This shows that Nintendo is looking at the possibilities first. Some of their own video games lend themselves to such a breakthrough. But above all, it is about one thing: reflections and initial lines of thought.

Other possible options?

Nintendo may also define the metaverse in other ways. At least the management in the field of augmented reality is also active. Finally, the whole point is that you can also collect digital assets from amusement parks. This is part of the experience and goes in the direction of experiencing and relating digital content.

In this regard, I would say for now: No, Nintendo is not yet a big bet on the Metaverse. But it can still happen. If senior management plays their cards, games, and platforms right, a tie ultimately makes a lot of sense. When in doubt, it ultimately comes down to one thing: content and interactive channels. The Japanese can do both, which they have proven historically.

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