Meta Platforms: This is why Metaverse is going to be a success

Social media group Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) is building the infrastructure for the new Metaverse digital world and is aiming for one billion Metaverse users by 2030. Many investors and tech enthusiasts see the Metaverse as “the next big thing “. But there are also skeptics who assume the project will fail.

Critics point in particular to the virtual game Second Life – which hardly anyone talks about these days because it has not met with sufficient demand from users. From the SHAREHOLDER’s perspective, however, this is an apples and oranges comparison. Technology in the field of virtual reality has developed massively. Unlike Second Life, in the Metaverse you won’t navigate your avatar like in a 3D video game, but you can immerse yourself in the virtual world using the VR headset and experience everything live and almost real. Just like in real life.

For example, many mass events such as concerts or sporting events will take place in the metaverse in the future. The American basketball league NBA, in cooperation with Meta, already offers virtual spectator seats to participate in a real basketball game. The basketball game is streamed in the Oculus Quest 2 VR glasses, with other VR viewers displayed as 3D avatars for the glasses wearer. A few days ago, a CNBC reporter participated in such a virtual basketball game and then referred to “very impressive impressions”. Interesting: The user can at any time contact other avatars present and exchange information on the game for example.

The fact that the metaverse has enormous potential is also evidenced by many ongoing studies. Market research from Mordor Intelligence assumes that sales in this future market will increase tenfold to $297 billion in 2024 compared to 2021.


DER AKTIONÄR assumes that the metaverse will prevail in the digital world as a new way of social living. Meta should play a big role in this and secure a big chunk of the Metaverse pie. No wonder the stock has seen relative strength over the past few days, ending yesterday’s session up 1.83%. Fourth quarter figures are expected on February 2. Investors let their profits run.

Those who fear the individual risk of a stock, but are convinced of the Metaverse megatrend, rely on the more broadly diversified Metaverse index certificate WKN DA0AB9.

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