Is the metaverse stock going to zero? Watch Megahit Stray First

Where will Metaverse’s actions go? Can we legitimately hope for substantial returns here, or will the most important hopes eventually dwindle?

The whole subject is still superimposed. Somewhere between failure and megatrend.

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In short, Metaverse stocks offer high risk, but also great opportunity. Basically a found food for every investor.

As with any new trend, in the beginning you look at a lot of useless things and ask yourself: do I really want to invest in something like this? But over time, the inevitable innovations sharpen the eye.

The mega hit Stray recently hit like a bomb. And could give any undecided investor a good reason to invest in Metaverse stocks anytime soon.

I can only laugh at so much nonsense

What nonsense I haven’t heard around Metaverse stocks. At some point, you should be sitting virtually at the desk. Because it’s so tempting.

Or fly with the virtual plane. A brilliant affair! Mainly because the virtual plane is much cheaper to build. Please what?

Such ideas can scare off even a long-time tech buff like me. Metaverse actions? I can only laugh.

Endless immersion

But with the megahit Stray, the scene offered me a straw that I was only too happy to accept. Because what Mark Zuckerberg would call “immersion” works better than ever in this video game.

Video game or animal simulation? With Stray, the boundaries are blurred. You’re on the road like a cat and doing what cats do. However, in a dystopian cyberpunk world that is so exciting and detailed that you forget about everything around you.

You become a cat. Completely. And along the way, you get a primary reason to take a closer look at Metaverse stock opportunities.

When a Classic Suddenly Moved to Metaverse Stock

The famous Unreal Engine runs in the background of Stray. The developer Unreal Epic has invested more than 20 years of development in this essential component for graphics simulations.

The quality obviously deteriorated to success sony (WKN: 853687) moved. Along with some partners, the Japanese recently invested US$2 billion in Epic’s Metaverse plans.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said, “This investment will accelerate our work building the Metaverse, creating spaces where players can have fun with friends, brands create creative and immersive experiences, and developers can build and thrive as a community.”

From my point of view, Megahit Stray shows that immersion could soon become a rather hot topic. And classics like Sony may not join the ranks of Metaverse stocks for no reason.

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