Work in the metaverse – quite conceivable for many

According to a new study commissioned by Ciena, more than three-quarters of German workers surveyed think immersive platforms like the Metaverse can be useful tools for work. Immersive here means that people immerse themselves in the virtual environment and perceive it as real.

Most global respondents (96%) believe virtual meetings add value. And more than three-quarters (78%) said they would be interested in using immersive virtual environments over today’s video conferencing platforms. Additionally, 72% of German respondents would prefer a virtual reality room for meetings, and 84% would like to conduct formal interactions such as reviews in the metaverse.

Unreliable networks as the main obstacle

Despite the great interest in this new form of the digital world in companies, 38% of respondents consider unreliable networks to be the biggest obstacle in the world. German respondents believe that most workplaces have yet to switch to VR collaboration due to cost (3%) and fears that companies don’t know how to implement the platform (33%).

When asked how they would represent themselves in the virtual world, 35% of global respondents would choose an avatar that reflects their true selves. In Germany, 35% said they would look like their real-life counterpart, 21% would choose an avatar that looks like a more idealistic version of themselves, and 11% would be represented by a pop culture figure.

The survey found that 60% of German respondents could see the Metaverse as part of their daily work processes, compared to a global average of 71%. Globally, 40% of respondents believe their workplace will transition from a traditional/static environment to a more immersive and VR-based environment over the next two years. At local level, however, only 30% of German respondents share this opinion.

Notes on the study methodology

A total of 15,000 business people were interviewed for the study, including 1,000 from the following countries/regions: UK, Germany, Norway, Middle East, Australia, Denmark, Japan, Colombia, India, United States States, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Singapore. The study was conducted in June 2022 by Censuswide on behalf of Ciena.

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