Unknown metavers: 70% of Germans know almost nothing about it

A representative survey carried out by the market research company Civey on behalf of Teamviewer revealed that approximately 69% of respondents in Germany know very little about what the metaverse is. They rate their knowledge as “less good” or “not good at all”. Only 25.5% consider their level of knowledge to be “very good” or “rather good”, according to the “Industrial Metaverse” study.

Young people in particular feel better informed than older people. While one in three people in the 18-29 age group rate their knowledge as ‘very good’ or ‘fairly good’, it is only one in four people in the 40-49 age group. In the 50-64 age group, only one in five rated their knowledge of the metaverse as high. For those over 65, the figure is only 16%.

There are also differences in the level of information of the various professional groups. 30.6% of workers feel “very well” or “rather well” informed. It is 29.5% for executives and 22.3% for white collar workers. 21.7% of civil servants consider their level of knowledge to be at least good. This shows that “knowledge of the metaverse is still in its infancy,” the analysts write.

When it comes to Metaverse apps, respondents see games and video games at the forefront with 39.8%. 32% see entertainment as an app in general. 27.7% believe that the impact of the metaverse on the industry is high, 15.8% consider virtual business meetings an important application. 22% see private meetings in a virtual space. 20.7% consider the metaverse for digital goods and NFTs to be important.

In the area of ​​industrial applications, collaboration in the virtual space comes first with 42%, as well as training and integration of employees with 38.5%. Only then is the assembly of goods for orders (20%), assembly and repair of products and machinery (17.9%) and quality control (15.2%) follow.

“The study shows that most people still lack imagination as to how metaverse technologies can be used in an industrial context. There are already many industrial companies using AR and MR solutions,” says Hendrik Witt, Chief Product Officer at Team Viewer. Teamviewer itself already has software solutions for augmented reality and mixed reality, such as TeamViewer Frontline. With it, work processes and holograms can be displayed on data glasses in the field of vision of industrial workers.

For the study, 2,500 people familiar with the term metaverse were representatively interviewed. Questions were asked about the level of knowledge of the metaverse, possible areas of use and applications as well as possible effects on the industry. Additionally, personal experiences with AR and MR were queried.

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