The best Dax share for digital and metaverse in the advent calendar

What do Wittelsbacher Platz in Munich, digital twins and the metaverse have in common? We now reveal to you which action Dax is pioneering here and can benefit greatly in the future. By Stephen Bauer

The trail leads to the technology company Siemens: The Munich-based DAX Group is working on the virtualization of development processes with so-called digital twins – and they work in the industrial metaverse. The aforementioned twins work like this: the physical image of a production process including robots in a car factory is digitally reproduced in the computer. With this digital twin, Siemens customers can develop cars, simulate and optimize production processes before a factory is built or maintain them in the industrial metaverse – and thus save a lot of money.

Siemens and the Metaverse

Thanks to their state-of-the-art software, the Bavarians are world leaders in industrial digitization. They recently teamed up with US chip specialist Nvidia to create even better 3D images in the Metaverse. The Nvidia cooperation-based Xcelerator scanning platform is the latest that the German technology group brings to the market. Strong recent quarterly figures show that the developments are welcomed: Siemens reported sales growth of around 13% for its Digital Industry (DI) industrial digitization division with an operating margin of around 20%. The profitability of the Group’s main source of income should increase further during the current financial year.

The digital twin

The digital twin principle now applies to all of Siemens’ activities: in building air conditioning, for example, digitalization helps commercial customers save expensive energy, which helps Siemens Building Technology, which makes part of the IS Infrastructure division, to win orders. The Mobility rail technology division simulates rail networks and rail nodes and uses its software to optimize the operation of the country’s rail network, for example in Norway. The publicly traded medical technology division Healthineers, in which the mother owns 75%, is developing digital twins of the human organism, helping doctors digitally plan operations in advance and also beginning to simulate and optimize therapies against cancer.

Siemens stock valuation

Especially in industrial digitization and medical technology, Munich is a world leader, which is also reflected in the record order book of 102 billion euros. Trends such as the decoupling of economic spaces through deglobalisation are currently favoring the construction of new production capacities and bringing with them more orders for ID. High energy prices are driving business, as are aging societies in industrialized countries.

For a long time, Siemens was known for the sudden appearance of project construction sites and special loads, these times seem to be over. The good surprise after the presentation of the balance sheet at the beginning of November should not have been the last. Siemens Healthineers, for example, wants to grow between 6% and 8% in the new fiscal year. At Mobility, there should be up to nine, at SI up to eleven and at DI up to 13% increase in sales. According to the objectives, margins should be able to increase everywhere, for DI the group expects an expansion of margins of up to two percentage points. “We are gaining market share,” said entrepreneur Roland Busch at the beginning of November. The dividend, which has just been increased from 4.00 euros to 4.25 euros per share, should continue to climb. And the action is a long-term top. investment.

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