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The industry association Bitkom explains on 83 pages in its guide that the Metaverse should not be missed – it’s going to be big. And colorful. The same digital industry that has struggled for decades with basic IT and security issues in the world of 2D computing and is already at the limit in terms of personnel thinks it is safe: in ten years we enter 3D AR VR worlds. And it is then created in 3D and, above all, consumed with assiduity.

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More from c't magazine

The Bitkom document is an entertaining holiday read because everything that makes a good story comes together: fear, greed, big money and even greater loss of reality. Like Dallas, only with digital stuff instead of oil. Bitkom’s editors openly write about the benefits of the platform economy and its further development through NFTs, as if it’s something worth pursuing – as if they’ve suppressed the fact that its reputation had suffered greatly.

Bitkom unpacks Adidas as one of Germany’s NFT success stories. They sell virtual sneakers for their own 3D avatar to customers who already have everything else. The fact that Adidas is involved in the digital trinket business only makes sense, since the group’s business model for decades has been to have synthetic slippers made in Asia for pennies US dollars, then sold. . to fans and enthusiasts with big margins to sell. And a single product is even cheaper than the cheapest textile in the Far East: in production and development almost for free, because any NFT cloneable sneaker.

Metaverse’s ideas go beyond windy NFT deals. We have summarized for you what the ideas are and what you can try today. What Bitkom still needs to learn: Before you can distribute the bear’s fur, you must first kill it. There is still a long way to go towards a platform-independent 3D virtual reality world in which money is made – with many problems from the 2D computing world.


on 26/2022


In c’t 26/2022 the optimal PC makes its grand entrance! Our hardware experts present two build proposals: a budget all-rounder that gets by with 13 watts at idle and is also good for gaming with an optional GPU, and a powerful high-end PC with a Ryzen 7000 processor. If you don’t have still no idea what might be under the Christmas tree this year, our gift advice will help you. You will also find out what the decentralized alternative to Twitter Mastodon is all about and you can win a robot in the vertrac’t puzzle. Have fun reading!


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