Igus develops Iguversum for virtual sales and virtual engineering

Virtual reality
igus creates its own metaverse for sales and engineering

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The supplier igus would like to meet its business and development customers virtually in the future. In the so-called “iguversum” the company wants to present products – and plan machines, systems and vehicles.

The “iguversum” is a virtual space. In future, igus sales representatives, engineers and customers will work on this together.

(Picture: Igus)

Igus creates its own Metaverse. 3D models of products should be available there in a 360 degree view. Among other things, the company develops and manufactures energy chains and mechanical components, such as plain bearings. In addition to the product view, customers should be able to virtually experience the test lab. Also applications in which igus products are installed. “With ‘iguversum’ we are embarking on a new path in presentation, sales and engineering”, explains Frank Blase, Managing Director of igus.

The supplier sees this as an opportunity to realign its sales: sales staff and customers could put on VR glasses and immerse themselves in the Iguversum when visiting customers. Thanks to augmented reality, the product could be superimposed on the screen with an animated virtual twin. Products that need to be explained can be presented clearly in this way.

Markus Feth is responsible for automotive storage technology at igus.  (Picture: Igus)

Engineering projects in virtual space

According to igus, the parallel digital universe should be even more important: in the future, customers, engineers and materials experts should meet as avatars in the digital space and carry out engineering projects there. complete; “Faster and more efficiently than is possible in the physical world,” says a company spokesperson.

Igus then wants to expand the Metaverse to include a B2B platform for other manufacturers. They can then also present machines and systems in a virtual space, provided that they use components from the supplier. (thg)

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