This is what the Metaverse conference in Berlin has to offer

The metaverse is taking the world by storm, providing new ways to interact and collaborate. This makes understanding the metaverse critical as technology companies seek to capitalize on the next evolution of the internet. The problem here is that although the basic idea has already reached the masses, more than 80% of the German population still does not feel prepared for the new trend.

This is why pedagogical work and knowledge transfer are necessary to change this. The Berlinverse conference will take place on December 6 and 7 for this purpose.

What is the Berlinverse?

Berlinverse is one of the main Metaverse conferences taking place in the heart of Germany – in Berlin! The future of the Internet, Web3, Metaverse and many other exciting topics will be discussed during the 2 day conference.

Audiences will not only have the opportunity to network with like-minded people, but also experience various live metaverses. Thanks to virtual reality and other technological possibilities, you can start playing right away and try everything. There is also an art gallery showing various NFTs from Dall-E Art, Generative Art, and AI Art.

More than 30 speakers will allow participants to look at different fields and their businesses and explain the challenges they face on a daily basis. So you can expect exclusive information about “The Sandbox”, “MetaBrewSociety” and other well-known companies.

Thus, Berlinverse offers something for every participant – whether interested in games, Web3 fanatics or art lovers. Sign up for Berlinverse now and get 25% off the 2-day ticket with the code “BTC-ECHO”.

You can find the agenda here.

How to participate in the Berlinverse

Berlinverse offers two tickets:

2-day ticket for Berlinverse and NOTAGALLERY

  • 10 euro food and drink voucher for NOTAGALLERY
  • Access to the December 6 Afterparty
  • Two-day access to NOTAGALLERY and Berlinverse
  • Listen to speakers on the Experience Stage
  • Santa surprises on December 6 for Early Bird ticket buyers

VIP tickets:

  • 25 euro food and drink voucher for NOTAGALLERY
  • Access to the December 6 Afterparty
  • Two-day access to NOTAGALLERY and Berlinverse
  • Meet and Greet with speakers and partners in the Experience Stage Lounge
  • Special St. Nicholas Surprises on December 6 for Early Bird Ticket Buyers
  • Access to the VIP dinner at SohoHouse Berlin on December 7 at 6:30 p.m.

Buy one of the two tickets now and save 25% on the 2-day ticket with the code “BTC-ECHO”. Click here to buy tickets.

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