Revolution in the metaverse? Mark Zuckerberg with Freudentanz

The metaverse – what was it again? Oh yes: in recent years, when the crypto market was still chasing the bulls, there was almost unbelievable hype about this virtual place, supposedly somewhere between pixels and the real world.

American rapper Snoop Dogg has opened a swanky digital mansion in The Sandbox, sending virtual real estate prices skyrocketing. Asterisks, stars, and digital gold diggers have jumped on the bandwagon into the unknown in droves. A digital cube was suddenly worth millions. And today? Disillusion is spreading.

As we recently learned, Decentraland is nothing more than a pixel wasteland. Recently celebrated as lifesaving technology, an average of 17 lost avatars are currently passing through it. promised lost country.

Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who renamed his company Meta in the wake of the hype, can do little to change the flattened meta hype. However, things seem to be moving forward.

As he announced via the Twitter account of his Metaverse Horizon, the company is about to make a breakthrough: there will soon be legs!

Legs? one may wonder. yes the legs Because the legs, it seems, are difficult to program. So hard they are rigged in the animation above. This is not live material from the Meta-Metaverse, this is just computer animation.

For “real” virtual legs, the use of artificial intelligence is necessary. The translation of stimuli into VR logic is the sticking point here:

It’s surprisingly difficult to figure out the position of the legs because they’re obscured – if the legs are under a desk or the arms block the view, the headset can’t see them directly. You have to create an AI model to predict the position of the whole body.

Mark Zuckerberg

What is presented as a success in the tweet above is ultimately just a clumsy prosthesis for a project that eats billions without bringing any real added value. Driven above all else by a man who won’t lose his faith in the success of the Metaverse for any money in the world.

And yet: while the digital world was still seen as a valuable change from the dreary everyday life of the home office in the days of the first corona lockdowns, the reality has long since overtaken the metaverse.

And anyway: who should pay for it? As the US dollar, euro and the like depreciate more and more every day, purchasing power falls and inflation dances on the abyss, the Meta Quest Pro entry glasses, which must come out on October 25, cost just under US$1,500. Much more than for the Valve Index, which is considered the current best product in VR circles.

Of course, with such prospects, we would like to put on the VR goggles and dance towards Horizon

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