EV.IO begins its expansion for mobile games

EV.IO, a Solana-based blockchain NFT game, is now making its FPS game available on mobile.

EV.IO, one of the best Web3 FPS games, extends its reach by announcing that its action-packed deathmatch FPS game can also be played on mobile devices. The announcement came on Twitter recently and may point to a fully optimized mobile version of the popular Solana game.

So far, the game can only be played when EV.IO is accessed through the browser app on the mobile phone. The device can be tilted sideways to enable landscape mode, making the game playable on Android and iOS.

The team said this is only a “1.0” beta test. The developers are likely still busy with how the mobile version of EV.IO will be received once it officially hits mobile.

The answers to Twitter Judging by the launch of the mobile version seems like a positive effort. One user points out that you can now play the game while running errands outside. Considering the huge reach the mobile game has among gamers, it will potentially reach a much wider audience once the project is fully optimized.

What is EV.IO?

If Quake or Halo is your cup of Web2 tea, then EV.IO is the combined Web3 version of the fast-paced death shooter. Players are placed in an area with weapons and abilities scattered throughout the map. The object of the game is simply to be the best shooter. Defeat your opponents or die trying.

image source: silvergaming

EV.IO shines with its fun gameplay combined with the winning mechanism. The more you play the game, the more $SOL you earn by winning and killing opponents in a Free for All Death match. The game also features a squad mode where players add another layer of teamwork to an already fast-paced shooter.


Mobile games may not be able to offer cinematic scenes as beautiful as God of War on PS5 or the modding possibilities of a CS:GO game on PC. But mobile gaming really shines when it comes to accessibility and reach.

At present, the main problem of Web3 game is to bring the whole gamer community to try the possibilities of blockchain technology to improve the game experience.

EV.IO’s move to a mobile version could hit many mainstream gamers who are looking for a simple yet fun shooter in the web3 space.

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