BeInCrypto CEO Alena Afanaseva talks about Web3 jobs at LABITCONF 2022

Alena Afanaseva, CEO and Founder of BeInCrypto, gave a talk on Web3 jobs to a packed auditorium. The details really impressed the participants as their approach offered different perspectives.

The presentation was aimed at employers, recruiters and employees who want to work effectively on Web3. At the end of the presentation, participants were able to question the entrepreneur on several of the points she raised.

The presentation started from the internal perspective of the company. For example, the founder of BeInCrypto shared statistics on the age of her workforce and the significant contribution of women.

  • The average age of BeInCrypto employees is 31.5 years old.
  • 40% are women
  • 7 out of 10 departments are headed by women.
  • 10 local editors are women.
  • The company has more than 200 employees in 60 countries.
  • 5% know each other personally.
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What Afanaseva says went wrong

The CEO of BeInCrypto then pointed to the negative aspects of her experience over the past four years.

  • Inexperienced candidates: Very often, BeInCrypto has received applications that do not meet the required requirements. One of the reasons for this is that the required experience with cryptography has not been achieved, but also that it is often fake profiles. To address this, BeInCrypto has rebuilt and automated its recruiting team.
  • Burnout: There have been cases of employees who have not been able to balance their working hours with their personal life. The company then set up a personnel management system adapted to the workforce. He underlined the importance of sport, family joys, rest and meetings with colleagues to discuss extra-professional subjects.
  • Self-discipline in a “remote” environment: Achieving effective results with a remote work system has not been easy. In order to correct the imbalances here, particular care has been taken in training and improving the skills of new employees.
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Advice from the CEO of BeInCrypto for recruiters

Web3 companies continued to hire in a mixed market, even as tech giants suffered layoffs and hiring freezes.

The second part of Afanaseva’s presentation at LABITCONF 2022 dealt with a number of recommendations to improve the tasks of recruiters. The advice is based on market requirements and on the experience acquired during the four years in which the company has continuously hired talent.

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The first of the essentials for agents who need to screen potential candidates is their use of Twitter, Reddit and Discord. In addition to the use of these platforms, participation in hackathons is complementary and essential to determine the most valued requirement: Live.

The next tip was about the detailed preparation for the crypto knowledge tests. These made it possible to discover the weaknesses of the CVs. Many people tend to apply for a job that requires a deep understanding of the crypto ecosystem, but fail to meet this point. Carrying out assessments made it possible to achieve a decisive result not only in the field of pure cryptography, but also in programming.

The next point was about verifying and verifying profiles with on-chain data or information from social networks. This continued with a background check of people aspiring to these positions. Employers must be prepared to train, guide and motivate new employees with the clear goal of providing unparalleled support to those applying for these positions.

Concluding this section, Afanaseva noted the importance of offering tokens and compensation for tasks. These are part of a whole to create a sophisticated recruiting process that delivers mutually rewarding experiences.

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How to work in Web3

The last part of the conference was aimed at those who want to enter the job market. Afanaseva stressed the need to learn and prepare for the positions in demand today.

However, she also encouraged applicants by stating that you don’t have to be an expert in algorithms to get a job.

The table below is intended to provide a guide to the salaries and roles that will be needed in the next generation of the Internet.

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In addition to preparing for a job, there are common mistakes that are made while researching, but are essential on the job.

  • 93% are people who know someone who lied on their CV.
  • 27% lied about their experience.
  • 18% lied about their abilities.
  • 17% lied about their responsibilities in other jobs.
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It’s important to avoid these mistakes because 21% of people who lied on their resumes paid the price by not getting the job or losing it again.

According to Afanaseva, Web3 will affect future contracts with promotions or automatic bonuses through smart contracts.

A candidate will apply shortly, whose profile will then be scanned into the blockchain and checked for experience and certificates. If the results are clearly above a certain range, the candidate could be hired in 60 seconds.

The question is not “if Web3?”, but when

Afanaseva closed the presentation by explaining that Web3 is the only option. “The question isn’t whether you’re going to be in Web3 or not. The question is when,” she said.

After the closing remarks, the audience followed Afanaseva through the halls of the auditorium, eager for further details. It showed that the topics she raised are of great interest to those who want to get involved in a new area of ​​work, to those who contribute to it and, of course, to those who facilitate these working groups.


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