Instagram greatly expands NFT integration

Mark Zuckerberg announces that Instagram is rolling out digital collectibles to 100 more countries. Additionally, the company partners with Coinbase, Dapper, and Flow companies to expand wallet and blockchain options.

Meta wants to make digital collectibles accessible to more people. It wasn’t until March this year that the group’s plans to integrate NFTs on Instagram and Facebook became public knowledge. This integration then began in May with the rollout of digital collectibles on Instagram. This allows creators and artists as well as retailers to showcase their NFTs prominently and for free – and in a variety of formats – on the platform. An integration on Facebook and possibly also on WhatsApp is planned. The feature is now being made available to many more Instagram users at the moment. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram announce rollout to 100 additional countries. There are also new collaborations that support the technical infrastructure.

Big expansion for NFT integration on Instagram

Meta announced via Twitter that Digital Collectibles will be available as an option in 100 additional countries.

However, the Instagram blog does not specify which 100 countries it is. There it is only explained that these are countries in Africa, the Middle East, North and South America and the Asia-Pacific region. In Europe, creators who don’t have access may have to wait a bit longer.

To post a digital collectible on Instagram, users simply link their digital wallet to the platform. Compatible third-party wallets include Rainbow, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet. Coinbase and Dapper are now following after Meta entered into a cooperation with the companies. Supported blockchains that serve as the basis for digital collection functionality are Ethereum and Polygon, and more recently Flow.

NFTs can be shared on the social platform via post, story or direct message. A digital collectibles tag is then displayed. Tap it to open a pop-up window with information about the artist and the work, as well as the owner of the work.

A collectible digital ad on Instagram, © Instagram

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