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Sygnum launches NFT issuance, advisory and custody

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Sygnum launches NFT issuance, advisory and custody

01.11.2022 / 10:12 CET/EST


Sygnum launches NFT issuance, advisory and custody

Zurich, November 1, 2022 – Sygnum, the world’s first digital bank

Assets today launched a number of

NFT services for professional developers who

growth of the Web3 community and their banking customers.

* Institutional platform providing guidance on NFT concept, NFT editing and

combined with a fully compliant NFT dashboard

* Sygnum paves the way for companies, associations, brands and artists to

NFT and allows them to build and integrate their

Web3 Communities

* For its banking customers, Sygnum seamlessly integrates NFT custody into the

existing custody offering and its all-in-one account solution

Sygnum NFT is an institutional NFT platform targeting large

Companies, sports clubs and federations, consumer brands and leaders

Artists who recognize the enormous potential of NFTs to revolutionize the

digital community engagements and brand monetization and

want to explore intellectual property rights.

Unlike existing NFT platforms that offer partial solutions,

the Sygnum NFT platform allows creators to design NFTs,

issue them and distribute them to their customers, community or community of fans

sell, in full compliance with the applicable legal provisions,

regulatory and fiscal provisions. Moreover, simplified

face a number of complex challenges, including tax and

accounting treatment, also converting cryptocurrencies into fiat

technological locks.

Sygnum NFT offers publishers a simplified and non-technical solution

experience in providing them with an end-to-end solution, the strategy

publication, distribution and administration of collections. editor

benefit from the opportunity to earn proceeds from sales in both fiat and

Receive and store cryptocurrencies flexibly [1] as well as

Sygnum’s deep expertise in digital assets and

Blockchain and service launch track record

taking into account the legal and regulatory provisions in force

terms and conditions.

NFT buyers, whether first-time buyers or seasoned buyers, enjoy peace of mind

that Sygnum scrutinizes every editor on the platform and does not

allows curated content on the platform. To experiment for

To simplify first-time buyers, NFTs can be made with or without their own credit card

transaction fees are purchased.

Besides the introduction of Sygnum NFT, Sygnum also offers its banking customers the

custody of NFTs. Using the specially developed

Sygnum’s multi-custodial platform, customers benefit from a

highly secure yet easily accessible custodial solution for their

High quality NFTs. NFTs deposited with Sygnum are processed using the premium

Sygnum’s crypto AML tool and integrates seamlessly with the

All-in-one clients integrated e-banking account.

Sygnum NFT is the first step to “open” trust

Services intended for a wider audience outside the Sygnum banking environment.

“This initiative is further proof of the uniqueness of Sygnum

Value proposition of being a bank-licensed technology company that

breakthrough solutions based on future-proof technology and in

full compliance with applicable laws and regulations

developed,” says Thomas Eichenberger, Head of Business Units at Sygnum



About Sygnum

Sygnum is the world’s leading digital asset bank and a

Specialist with global reach. With Sygnum’s Swiss banking license

Bank AG and the license to provide capital market services

(Capital Market Services, CMS) by Sygnum Pte. Ltd activated in Singapore

es Sygnum qualified institutional and private investors,

Businesses, banks and other financial institutions, with confidence

invest in digital assets. Sygnum operates a

controlled, scalable and scalable regulated banking platform.

Sygnum’s interdisciplinary team, made up of banking experts,

Investments and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), is actively shaping the

Develop a trusted ecosystem for digital assets.

The company is based on the Swiss and Singaporean tradition

financial center and operates worldwide. To learn more about Sygnum,

please visit www.sygnum.com.

Press contacts:

Stephanie Riedel

Telephone: +41 58 508 20 18

E : [1]stefanie.riedel@sygnum.com

Sygnum Bank SA

Uetlibergstrasse 134a

8045 Zurich


1. mailto:stefanie.riedel@sygnum.com

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[1] Sales proceeds will be in USD, EUR, CHF and SGD and all

crypto protocols offered by Sygnum Bank

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